Saturday, 30 April 2011

A page finish - woo!

I'm really excited (it's probably quite sad how excited actually) because I've finished my first page of Lancelot and Guinevere, and it's actually starting to vaguely look like something, although possibly only if you know what you're looking for.
1 page down, another 18 to go (although 4 of those are minor pages).
This was actually my target for this year on this particular project, I set myself the goal of finishing my first page because I didn't know how long it was going to take me, so it turns out it was quite a low target and I probably should have set high. However, as it was my target and it has been achieved I'm thinking of putting this away for a while to work on some other targets. I've got 3 other projects on the go with a lot of work to be done so I think I might concentrate on those for a couple of months, especially as the kit I inherited off a friend because she's never going to get it finished for her intended friend so I need to work on that as well.
And in other news, did you see the wedding yesterday? Judging by a lot of the posts I've seen already then a lot of people did. I did see it, although, despite being in the UK I'm afraid that we hadn't travelled to London to see it, but we were invited to a street party by a friend so she invited us over to to watch the wedding with her first then went to the street party.
The dress was very pretty, as was her sister's maid of honour dress. There seem to have been some nice moments, and a couple of funny ones (did you see the cart wheeling verger and the police man leading the crowd in cheering?) Whatever you were doing yesterday, hope you had a lovely day.

Monday, 18 April 2011

International Hermit and Stitch progress

So, did everyone have a a fun International Hermit and Stitch Weekend. I didn't get as much time as I was hoping to, but then I've done more than I was expecting to so it's all worked out really.
I think I only managed to put in 3 or 4 hours altogether, but it seems to have really pulled this piece together, and suddenly it's looking like this page is nearly finished, I don't really know how that happened, but woohoo. There's only about 3 colours to go into this now. The centre of the red ribbons and the centre of the flowers and I'll be done, so can I get it done this week? Not sure, but I'll give it a shot.
I've loved all the progress that I've seen over people's work this weekend, and if I haven't seen yours yet, I'll make sure that I pop over and have a look soon

Saturday, 16 April 2011

The tiniest update in the world

It's the smallest update that the world has ever seen, but I seem to have had no time for stitching in the last couple of weeks. This progress picture has an entire hours worth of work since the last picture, and that was done last night knowing that it was Saturday and due an update today, but it's something, and after a two week drought that was a good hour.
However, it's International Hermit and Stitch weekend this weekend so I'm hoping to get some done. Expecially after a conversation with Ben this morning.
Him: You know it's the match this afternoon (Man United & Man City)
Me: You know it's International Hermit and Stitch this weekend.
Him: Oh.
Also, we've got a couple of long weekends coming up, and Ben's going camping for one of them, so I'll probably hermit up and stitch as well. Especially as I'm inheriting a commission from a friend. About two years ago she excitedly told me how she's bought a kit that was perfect for her friend and she was going to make it for her. This week she admitted that she hadn't touched it since she told me about it, and would I consider doing it for her. And it's a Bothy, and I quite fancy trying a Bothy, so it's all good.

Have you all seen that HEAD has a sale on by the way, you can get 50% with the discount code, so yes, I caved, Lady of Avalon by Fenech has now been added to the 'to stitch' pile.

Happy stitching everyone, especially those of you who have joined International Hermit and Stitch weekend, I look forward to seeing everyone's progress.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Quick TUSAL update

Quick TUSAL update, it's not gone up much this month because I've mostly been working on my HAED and I don't get many random threads left from that, although there were a couple of frogs to contend with.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

If you squint, you can see wings

The more I look at it, the more I realise that this is quite a funny looking page, with the blank central page. You've got to really hope that I can count otherwise the centre page is going to be an absolute disaster when I do get to stitch it. But you can see my usual stitching style, do the most interesting page last (ie the bulk of the dragon), because it stops you from getting bored when you're coming to the end of a project.
I haven't managed to get much done this week, I've been out pretty much every evening this week, which hasn't really left much time for stitching, but at least I can see some progress and it doesn't feel like I haven't achieved anything at all. But I'll have to try harder this week, because I'll have to do more on Winter's Majesty to make it look like there's been actual progress. Wish me luck.

And finally, the giveaway - the winner is... Just Flo. If you want to drop me a message with your details I'll post the little package out to you.
On that subject, a few people asked where the scissors were from, it's a website called Anita's Little Stitches and she's got some gorgeous scissors.