Friday, 30 January 2015

Madame's made a brief return

I decided to give myself a new days off the secret stitch, partially so I can actually have something to show on here, and partially because if I force myself to work on one thing for two long I'll get annoyed with it and never want to work on it again.
So, here is a brief update on Madame by Victoria Frances from Tilton Crafts. I always enjoy working on this, and because of the relatively muted colour palette it's relatively confetti free, at least so far anyway, so I get to have something to show for my time. Back to the secret stitch soon, but I am rather enjoying this, I think she'll be back soon.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Will power, what will power?

No new starts I said, this year is going to be a year of progress I said, how rubbish am I? Especially as I can see at least two more starts in my future. I really want to start an Aimee Stewart bookshelf, I was trying to wait for Heroes and Heroines but I also really want to start one. I've also got a couple of images with Sarah from Paine Free Crafts and she's looking into charting them for me (although I have told here there's no hurry, because I do have the secret stitch to finish first).
Anyway, my pretty new start, I've mostly been working on my secret stitch the last week but I had a day off with nothing much planned and this had been calling to me! This is Winter Geisha from Love Thy Thread (sadly now closed) and it's stitched on 28 count Dark Goddess from Sparklies. I can only work on this for so long at a time because I've discovered that stitching over one on 28 count on darker fabric really messes with with eyes. 28 count doesn't normally bother me, but this is rather testing. I was originally going to stitch with sparkly floss, but because the fabric also has sparkle in it it didn't look right, so I'm just going to white dmc instead!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Second New Start of the Year

I know, I said there weren't to be any new starts this year, and I'm already on my second, I'm so weak! In my defence this is intended as a gift, and I said that gifts were allowed, it's also something that I can show progress on relatively easily while not being able to post on my secret stitch.
Don't they look find creepy without their eyes stitched, a little like Village of the Damned.
For people who like to have information this is Brave by Cloudsfactory, stitched two over two in 28 count something (I can never remember what type of fabric I'm using and can't tell them apart half the time), but it's called Silver Lining and is from polstitches.

Friday, 9 January 2015

First and Last update

This will be my first and last update picture on this project until it's finished and gifted to it's intended recipient. It's a present for someone, and they do occasionally check my blog so I can post it now when you can't tell what it is, but any further than this and there might be too much of a give away. The designs are by Cloudsfactory and I just think that they're so cute!