Sunday, 2 July 2017

Pottering along

This is amazing, second time in as many weeks that I have actual progress to show, I'm so proud. Cut Thru Castle is progressing, you can even see the beginning of what this room is starting to look like, and the shape of the next room. I meant to do this one room at a time, but I wasn't concentrating properly when I started highlighting the chart for the yellow, and then realised that I was flowing in to the next room, so I went with it. And the next room is only a wee room (literally) so it'll give me something to work towards and have two rooms done before you know it (hahaha! Got to love the optimism). 
And the blanket is progressing as well. I finished my target of all the green (again, so proud), and have started on the purples as well. I intended to get a big chunk done today, but we've got my family staying next weekend, so it occurred to us that we probably ought to do some housework, so that's how today was spent instead. Now I remember why I hate cleaning the kitchen, especially the oven... my hands feel horrible now because they've been submerged in water and cleaning chemicals for half the day.
I'm not sure how mum time I'll have this week and so I may not have much progress to show next week, but I'll give it a shot. Happy crafting all!