Saturday, 24 September 2016

A harmonious dragon

So, I do feel like I actually have something to show this week, how often does that happen? First off, here is Harmony from Attic 24, I've finished my first set of 9 squares, and started my second set, although I'm willing to accept that my second set looks more circular than square at the moment. Hopefully they'll square out a bit.
As you can see from my first set of squares, I'm willing to accept that they're not perfect, although the bottom left one is not so much smaller as it looks in that picture, I have some weird photography skills apparently, but once they're all joined together in a pretty blanket I'm sure they'll be a bit squarer.
My plan with this is to make it to the size that Lucy recommends first (single bed) but then I may add more to make it bigger. I bought this kit at Yarndale last year, and I'm back off to Yarndale this weekend, and I have spending money, who knows that I'll come back with this year, I still haven't ruled out a spinning wheel.

And in other news, look, stitching, and look who has come out to play. Yay!
I know, it's not much, but it's stitching, and I'm so glad to be stitching again. I have discovered my perfect Wednesday evening. Bake Off and stitching (for those in the UK, how upset are we about Bake Off on a scale of one to ten? I'm heart broken, it won't be the same, I'm hoping that the BBC will just create Strictly Come Baking and just carry it on with the stars that it looks like they're keeping. Okay, carrying on for the non-Brits). I do love Dragon Rider, and he is my focus piece, and so lovely at that, also the one that I'm furthest along with in all my projects, having said that, considering that I'm meant to work on this every third project, I'm ashamed to say that I haven't touched Dragon Rider since February, I hadn't realised that it had been so long, I'm quite ashamed of myself. My rotation has obviously failed me completely (again!). I've just looked back, I have cheated, there have been four other projects between this page and the last (bad Kim!) so that partially explains why it's been so long. Anyway, he's back out, I'm excited to see Dragon, and also much more motorbike on this page so generally squeeeee
Right, I'm off to break my credit card at Yarndale, have a fun weekend my dears. Yarn porn almost certainly to follow. (Occasionally I like to add inappropriate words to my blog, I find the idea of someone searching porn and stumbling across this blog strangely amusing. Especially as this is turning into a ridiculously convoluted story in my head where they discover an unknown passion and skill with need and thread or hook and yarn!)

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Crochet is all

I had such high hopes for this week, and I've barely achieved anything. However I have at least got something to show, which means I can at least justify a post. The Harmony blanket is continuing. The middle square shows the final round (other than the joining rounds) for this set of squares. I wasn't sure about the dark and light purple together, when I saw the balls next to each other they looked really similar, but that's completely changed when I see it on the square, which is good. Hopefully I'll get this set of squares finished this week. 
I've also been working on my secret project, this is probably the last time that I'll show this. I don't think the person it's for generally watches my blog, but you can't be to careful. I'm basically showing this so you know what my excuse is when I have nothing to show in the weeks to come. These two projects are the reason why I didn't manage to get my stitching project worked on this week. I have the chart out, the fabric is on the frame, and I've highlighted the next colour, but nothing to actually show at the moment. Hopefully this time next week I will have some stitching, but it's also Yarndale next weekend, so I may not achieve much next weekend it self.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

I will be a good blogger, I will I will!

 First up is my mystery stitch, I know I'm the only person who is amused by this, so I'll stop being childish and dragging this out, especially as it's now been packed away so I can work on something else for a while. This is Always by Kordek from Tilton Crafts, this is my Alan Rickman from earlier this year, I still haven't quite settled on what my David Bowie tribute is, that are a couple of HAED ones that I'm thinking about, but I really shouldn't add any more new starts into my planned starts and rotation.
So, what is coming out to play I wonder, hmmm, what could it be? Again, I know that I'm the only person that this amuses, thank you for humouring me, or at least not telling me to shut up!

Secondly, and despite the fact that I haven't finished my Toft toy yet, my blanket obsession has won out and a new crochet blanket has been started. This is Harmony from Attic 24. Love this blanket, although I accept that it's not massively blankety yet. I hasten to add that while my crochet isn't brilliant, it's not quite as uneven as this picture makes them look, I think I must have had my camera at an odd angle. Despite the fact that this really isn't my normal sort of colour scheme (I tend to prefer bolder), I loved the colours on this and was really enjoying this. Most of this was actually one evening of work, but as per usual work has got in the way of crafting this week. Besides, if I want to justify starting the new blanket. This was bought at Yarndale last year, and we're only two weeks off this year, so I'm trying to start some of the stuff that I bought this year before I blow everything that I've saved this year. It's quite sad how excited I am about this!

Saturday, 3 September 2016

It's changed, honest

I know I say that slow and steady wins the race, but even by my standards this is ridiculously slow! But here is the tiny amount of progress that I have to show. Can you work out what it is yet? I know, there isn't really enough to guess at, clue, the little shmushes at the bottom are letters!