Saturday, 10 September 2016

I will be a good blogger, I will I will!

 First up is my mystery stitch, I know I'm the only person who is amused by this, so I'll stop being childish and dragging this out, especially as it's now been packed away so I can work on something else for a while. This is Always by Kordek from Tilton Crafts, this is my Alan Rickman from earlier this year, I still haven't quite settled on what my David Bowie tribute is, that are a couple of HAED ones that I'm thinking about, but I really shouldn't add any more new starts into my planned starts and rotation.
So, what is coming out to play I wonder, hmmm, what could it be? Again, I know that I'm the only person that this amuses, thank you for humouring me, or at least not telling me to shut up!

Secondly, and despite the fact that I haven't finished my Toft toy yet, my blanket obsession has won out and a new crochet blanket has been started. This is Harmony from Attic 24. Love this blanket, although I accept that it's not massively blankety yet. I hasten to add that while my crochet isn't brilliant, it's not quite as uneven as this picture makes them look, I think I must have had my camera at an odd angle. Despite the fact that this really isn't my normal sort of colour scheme (I tend to prefer bolder), I loved the colours on this and was really enjoying this. Most of this was actually one evening of work, but as per usual work has got in the way of crafting this week. Besides, if I want to justify starting the new blanket. This was bought at Yarndale last year, and we're only two weeks off this year, so I'm trying to start some of the stuff that I bought this year before I blow everything that I've saved this year. It's quite sad how excited I am about this!


Bea said...

Always is a lovely pattern - I'm sorry you're putting it away. Love the colours in your blanket. It's all stitching and it's all creative, so just relax and enjoy it!

Pull the other thread said...

Always is a stunning choice, will be great fun seeing it grow. Love your new blanket project.

Loubie69 said...

Both your projects are looking good. I like the colours you are using for your crochet.

The Crafty Princess said...

Nope it was amusing me too! LOL! I would never have guessed it and I have this as a stash chart too. I like the colours on your crochet and it doesn't look wonky at all. Or maybe it's my weird eyes ha ha.
xo Alicia

Heather said...

Ha I could actually tell this time! They both look great!