Saturday, 28 April 2012

TaTaTaTa - first page!

Ben's away at the moment, meaning that i've had absolutely loads of time for stitching, it's been brill, and as such I've got the first page of Chakra Fae ready to show. That was a lot of 3770, but it was worth it, looks brilliant, even if I do say so myself. There's a slight line in the stitching but I reckon that'll fade out over time, especially with a bit of a rinse as well when it's finished!
Another day of stitching ahead of me, currently debating what to work on next. I think it might be about time that Winter's Majesty got some attention, although I could change my mind some time between posting this and picking up my stitching so I wouldn't count on that being my next update.

Happy Stitching!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Did you have a good IHSW?

Good evening,
Did everyone have a good International Hermit and Stitch Weekend? I'm currently alternating my stitching between doing the confetti stitch on the right side and some nice block stitching on the rest of it. I am rather enjoying her, and tent stitch is lovely, it stitches up so fast.
It's also World Book Night tonight, so I spent my lunch break wandering around the local town giving copies of Small Island by Andrea Levy to random people, I'm most proud of having stopped a policeman and given him a copy! Although I am contemplating using the last few that I have to introduce myself to the people that live in my building. (I've lived here for 3 years, how shameful is it that there are people that I haven't met yet)!

And finally, I have to thank the lovely Milly (who has the nicest blog name that I have ever seen) for nominating me for a Liebster award. I'm afriad I'm wussing out on nominating this time, cos I've lost track of who I've already nominated and I'm running out of interesting facts about myself.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

The start of Chakra Fae

Welcome to the world of 3770. Which is what a lot of this page is. This is quite a nice page to stitch actually, there are little patched of confetti on teh right hand side where the branches, but there's loads of mindless block stitching as you can see.
I'm trying tent stitching this time, so this is 2 over 1 on 28 count. It's better coverage than I was expecting, so I think I'm going to be quite happy with teh coverage. It looks a little dodgy when you've only got a couple of stitches, but when there are a few together they seem to fill the space better.
It's International Hermit and Stitch weekend this weekend, and we think that Ben's got a football match tomorrow (which may well end in them going to the pub afterwards) so I'm hoping that I'll get plenty of stitching time tomorrow.

Also, I had a few requests for the pattern of Come to the Dark Side in my last post, it's not my chart, it's dork stitch's so I've put a link in my previous post, which will take you to her post, where you can download the chart!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Come to the Dark Side

Here's my first draft of Come to the Dark Side, it's my lunch break/portable pattern, so it gets get to see the light of day very often, and this is the first time that it's made it home to have it's picture taken. It doesn't get worked on very often, especially as I only work on it when I don't want to go out on lunch (usually because it's raining).

I'd also like to introduce to the other blog that I set up yesterday. The Harrogate Craftwork Group blog, which is a shiny new craft group that's just started in our area. There's not much on the blog yet, but keep an eye out, I'm hoping to get some pictures up of everyone's work soon.

PS I've had a few requests for the chart, it's a free download from dorkstitch. I won't send it to anyone because it's her chart, but if you go here you'll be able to download it!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I got a finish! Woohoo!
It has to be said, I'm quite liking it and I'm quite proud of it, there are so many things in this that I've just never done before. All the different speciality stitches, beading, stitching over two, hand dyed threads and fabric, I'm generally just very proud!
I have altered it slightly, as I was working on the wrong count fabric for the beads I bought, I couldn't get the bugle beads to look right, so i've put the central bead motif then so of stitched a swirly pattern going out.
I finished it sooner than I expected, I thought I was probably going to have another week on this before I finished, but now that I'm finished, I'm looking to my next project, this weekend I will be winding bobbins and putting fabric onto the frame so that I can start Chakra Fae! woohoo!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

What I've learnt about my followers!

  1. You all love voting for what people should work on next (well, who wouldn't).
  2. Several of you are quite indecisive!
  3. You're HAED lovers, they were definitely the charts that got the most votes, although the Mystic Stitch was a slow burner and King Arthur did get a few votes, no one loved World Collection.
  4. There are loads of Hannah Lynn fans (and who can blame you)
  5. You're all fans of colour, loads of the comments on Genevieve, Melinda and Moohoo and Chakra Fae were because you liked the colours
  6. You're not adverse to stamping your feet and shouting ole every once in a while.
Thank you for all your opinions, I'm very grateful. Melinda & Moohoo and Genevieve got the most votes, with Chakra Fae in a close second and King Arthur only one behind.
I'm afraid, as I'm a little skint Chakra Fae is going to win due to the fact she's already kitted up, although I think the next one after that is going to Hannah Lynn, there's definite love for her designs!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Fairy Tales gets a tiny update

I love Fairy Tales Sampler, even if I only get a tiny bit of time on it, I seem to get loads done, it just stitches up so quickly, it's great, not getting much time to stitch, and not having to feel guilty about it cos I still got loads done. It's not a very good photo though, the had to use the flash and it completely bleaches out all the colours, very upsetting.
Thanks to everyone that's commented on my previous post and given their opinion. I love putting up options of what I might stitch next, cos it's great seeing what everyone elses opinions are. If you haven't already left your opinion, have a look at the previous post and let me know which part you like. Although, I made no guarantee that I'll go for the option that most people choose!

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I need help deciding! What next?

I need help, Fairy Tales Sampler is coming to an end, least way I reckon it'll be finished in the next couple of weeks, so, as I'm sure most of you can sympathise with, my mind's already straying to what I might start on next. I've got it down to a few, and now I want people's opinions on them please.
QS Alice in the Clockwork by JBG. A HAED, of course (most of the ones on this list are). She's a QS and so has the advantage of being a bit smaller and so might actually be finished in the same decade as I started it. It's not to bad on confetti that I've seen either.  But it is a bit brown, and I maybe want something a bit more colourful.

I know, it's a truly terrible photograph, I've had to photograph the chart, because I couldn't find a picture of what it would look like finished. It'll be quite a simple stitch compared to most of the others on this list, and it is what I originally said I was going to work on once Fairy Tale Sampler's finished.

QS Genevieve by Hannah Lynn, she was the first Hannah Lynn that I bought, I just liked her. I wish my hair looked like that, and he gloves are adorable, I've got a pair like that, but they're less delicate.

 Melinda and Moohoo, another Hannah Lynn. She's just adorable, and I quite fancy the idea of doing a Hannah Lynn like this, where you can do the outline on a page then colour her in. And I like the colours on this, and I want a hat like Melinda,it's cool! Oh yeah, and my mother loves owls, and I think Moohoo is cute!
Chakra Fae by Linda Ravenscroft, this is the one I'm kinda erring towards starting next, there's a SAL on facebook which I'm currently a member of, but I'm not yet stitching. I have also kitted her up. I bought her as soon as she came out just cos I loved the colour, although there is a lot of 3770 (beige) background, as you can probably imagine from the picture. I'm just not completely sure that she'll fit on to the frame that I'm about to free up, hence the debating.
 My first pattern bought from Soda Stitch Pattern Mall, they're adorably cute, although I'm thinking that I might use this as my next portable pattern to live under my desk at work and go to craft group with me. I always need one that's a bit smaller and portable, because I'm unwilling to take HAEDs out because they're a bit unweildy when they're on a scroll frame.

My first Mystic Stitch, I bought 5 Mark Spain charts from them recently, I love the Ladies of Spain collection, and think they'd look loely on the wall when finished. I love the skirts on this pictures, and the hand painted backgrounds (well of course they are, but they actually look hand painted - you know what I mean)!

So, there we are, more than I can possibly decide between. I've got an inkling, but I'm not quite certain and would love to know what other people's opinions are.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Wonderful Blogs

I want to thank the lovely Tazzy from Bouncing Bellies and Flashing Fingers (best name ever) for sending the Leibster in my direction.
I'm going to cheat slightly this time, as I've already sent a few nominations flying around, and this time I'm just going to point you in the direction of some of my favourite blogs.
A Fairy Princess and Dreams who does some beautiful stitching!
A Riot Patch of Pixels because she does some fabulously geeky stitching
Ambitious Stitching whose blog I've only recently started following, but so pretty!
Ana ~ Stitch who has fabulous taste
Bla. Bla? Bla! who is a lovely blogger, always leaves lovely comments and does beautiful stitching
Confessions of a Make Up Addict who reviews many lovely things, as it happens she's also a stitcher, but she doesn't blog about it.
Made by Ella I went to school and college with Ella, she's an incredibly creative person and makes many beautiful things!
Fairies, Dragons and Mermaids... Oh My a shared blog with many gorgeous fantasy stitches on.
Gizzimomo's Stitchy Place Dorothea does gorgeous stitching and always gets loads done, she's magic!
Diary of a Manbroiderer another super fast stitcher with fabulous taste, he always stitches things that I love.
Our Friends' HAED SAL If you're a fan of HAED then you probably already know about this one, in fact you're probably a poster, I am!
Stitchandie Mirabilia and Chatelaine, so gorgeous!
Wee Little Stitches properly geeky charts, they're great
Random Ramblings founder member of International Hermit and Stitch weekend who does so much lovely stitching!

And 5 (more random facts)
1. I'm an absolute chocaholic
2. I'm getting more and more drawn to chatelaine, I'm gonna have to stitch the Chinese, Japanese and probably Fairy Tale Castle at some point
3. I think Derren Brown is a fascinating but scary man
4. I'm completely obsessed with Pocket Dragons and don't even want to consider what my collection is worth
5. I really want to see Adam Hills live