Thursday, 24 April 2014

To make up for last week

Firstly, a bit of up update on Dwarven Leader by Jankolas by Paine Free Crafts. I actually managed a fair bit more than I normally do, but you can't see much difference because I'm trying to work on the cream. I'm not very good at working on background, so I'm trying to be good and stay on that for a while. 
Secondly, after my embarrassingly small update last week I have a decent amount of progress to show on Dragon Rider due to having some time off this week. I'm quite excited by how much this page has come together this week. The tyre is starting to look like a tyre rather than a random black shape, and the ground is actually looking grassy rather than just shmush like. Hopefully another week or so will see this page finished. Unfortunately I do usually underestimate how long my stitching is going to take, so it may be a tad longer than a week.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Does this really deserve a post?

I don't know if such a tiny amount of progress actually deserves a photo. There is a difference, but you really need the pictures side by side and really good eye sight to see it. Thankfully I've got some time off next week and (once again) some rather (over) ambitious plans of what I'm going to achieve, so hopefully you'll be able to see the difference next week. If all else fails I'll just finish the black on the tyre, that'll be really obvious difference!
Thankfully I haven't posted on Noah's Ark for a couple of weeks, so I have the appearance of the beginning of giraffes to make it look like I have stitched something this week... It's all an illusion, I've barely stitched at all, but at least I've got something to show now!
Happy stitching all, and hope those that celebrate it have a lovely Easter!

Friday, 11 April 2014

New... page

Admit it, you thought that title was going to say new start... I'm not saying that it won't happen soon (in fact I know full well that it will) but for once I'm just starting a new page rather than a new project. I haven't actually achieved much, no where near as much as I wanted to but, because it's a new page it looks like I did something.
And, I've very excited to introduce the motorbike. It's sad just how happy it makes me that the motorbike has appeared... last column and last couple of pages I had dragon, and now I have motorbike, woohoo! In case you're not sure by the way, that black half moon at the top of the page is the beginning of a tyre!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Finally finished the black and white...

The title says it all really, I finally finished the two partial pages on black and white that were my start on Dark Hope, and as pages of black and white tiles go, they look quite nice, although I admit that it's not really much to ohh and ahh over just yet. But the chart is gorgeous and will be well worth it when it develops a bit more. So, the question is, how did I celebrate finish the pages on monochrome? 
By moving on to a chart that is currently all black. There are times when I seriously question my own mental well being... but I do enjoy coming back to this because it stitches up so quickly (at the moment - before I start the colour), as you can see by the fact that I've already finished the next page. I'm quite excited by this page because, what you may not realise about this page is that there's something on it that isn't, technically, hair. The bottom right of this page has eyelashes and eye brow. Okay, I know that that's technically hair too, but it's a different type of hair, and I'm excited to see it all the same.