Sunday, 29 October 2017

Shock horror!

Two posts in as many weeks, could this be a new leaf for me? And even more shocking, there's stitching involved as well... it's quite sad just how excited I am about this!
And, there's almost recognisable progress as well, the smallest room is now completed, well, the cross stitch is, I accept that there is still back stitch to do.
Anyway, hopefully I'll actually manage to keep this up for at least another couple of weeks, you never know, stranger things have happened!

Sunday, 22 October 2017

I finally finished the blanket

I did it, I finally finished the blanket after a fairly major push this week, I seem to have spent all of my spare time this week darning in the ends, and, as much as it drove me insane doing it, I do rather like how it's turned out. It gives a ruffle to the edge of the blanket, which I'm sure that I'm not meant to like, because it really means that I've not worked it out properly and tried to fit too many stitches in, but in practice I like the shape it gives it, so I must just be a bad crocheter.
And just to show off, this is it all bundled up, waiting to be gifted to the little man who is now nearly two months old.
This picture means that I can now work on other things, I have other crochet projects lined up, of varying colourfulness and variety, and I have assorted stitching plans. I have that new started I showed about two months that I still haven't properly announced I don't think, I have the presents I'm making for friends, Dargon Rider is due some love, and my SAL with a group, this months theme is Halloween, so I ought to do something on that as well.  tad ambitious by my current standards, but let's see what happens. If I can manage more than one post a month I'll be doing prety well.