Friday, 19 February 2010

Feeling sorry for myself!

I've just come back from the dentist, and I'm feeling incrdibly sorry for myself. This was my last of five appointments so I'm happy about that, but my face is completely numb, and I must have bitten my lip while I was attempting to eat breakfast (possibly not the smartest thing I've ever done), it looks an absolute mess and is currently nearly double it's normal size, I'm really hoping that it heals quickly because I'm meant to be going to an engagement party tomorrow night and meet lots of my partner's friends from uni who I've never met before, and I'd like to not meet them looking like I've been punched in the face.
Anyway, rant over.
Latest stitching update. This is actually last weeks stitching, I haven't had a chance to get anything done this week, but I've got a day off today, I meant to do lots of exercise type stuff this morning, but I'm to busy feeling sorry for myself to do that, so I'm thinking that I may chuck a dvd on and do some now instead.
Can't remember when I last went through a week without doing any stitching, but I think I'm going to have a few weeks like that coming up.
This week was my Christmas present off my other half on Tuesday, he got us a photo session with Venture so we went and did that, it was actually really good fun, and I didn't feel anywhere as foolish as I expected to, so I recommend it. I'll try and find away to publish some picutres once we get them back. Wednesday I had a meeting at work until 8.30 and by the time I got home I just didn't have the inclination to start to be honest, then last night was badminton and packing cos we're going away this afternoon (hence fat lip + party).

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Legs 11

Just a quick post this week. Valentines card for my partner, but it's been a busy week so I haven't had much time for stitching, this is all I've done this week. And looking at this picture I've just realised that the stitching on the tights is a little wobbly so I'll have to try and straighten it out a little bit. This is a pattern from Cross Stitcher, either last year or the year before, afraid that I can't remember who the designer is. I did enjoy stitching it though and it was quite a quick stitch, seeing as the majority of it is actually back stitching. I've cheated on the back stitch and done it as long stitch, just weaving it over and under, I thought that looked better for the fishnets. This did have some DMC light effects in it, which I did use, but I'm now wishing that I hadn't gone to the hassle, because you really can't see it. Out of interest it's the 'lacey' stitching, either side of the band of stitching, but it doesn't look any different to the rest of the black so I don't think it was worth it. I normally really like the light effects as they add a bit of sparkle, but the black it a waste of time, you can't tell the differene.
Anyway, that's about as far as the stitching goes this week, although I'm going to be evicted from the living room today I suspect because Ben's going to want to make my card at some point (we agreed no gifts but handmade cards this year for Valentines) so I think I may take my stitching into the other room with my i-pod. The last couple of days have been very long and tiring. We had some work away days, always a bit full on and include early mornings and late nights (left the house at 7am on Thursday and finished up at about 8.45pm), we did have a break for 'outbreak' activities, but seeing as I ended up looking after my group and mothering them, and it was ice skating, so it was just tiring in a different way, it was a pretty exhausting day. Thankfully yesterday was an early finish, I was home by about 4.30pm, but I'm still utterley whacked, so if I get my way it's going to be a very quiet weekend. Sounds like a good excuse to me anyway :-)

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Fairport Convention

Fairport Convention played Harrogate Theatre on Wednesday 4th of February to what was, pretty much, a full house, apart from (rather randomly) the two seats next to us and somewhere near the front where my partners parents would have been sat, if they hadn't forgotten that they had tickets.

The support act was Dark Horses (Keith Donnelly and Flossie Malavialle), a Geordie and a French lass whose been living in Darlington, that's quite an accent combination. Flossie had a lovely voice, she sings with a French accent but talks with the strongest Darlington accent I've ever heard. Quite a mix of songs, from love songs to protest songs. I'm feeling a little ashamed, I remember really enjoying some of their music, but now I can't remember any of them, but be assured they were very good, with amusing banter in between songs.

Fairport were invited on and opened with Si Tu Dois Partir, the first time in many years that we've heard it sung by someone who can actually speak French. The set list contained some new and old, including some that haven't been in the repertoire for some time. And Ukulele is a very happy little song, I never thought I'd see the day when Chris, Simon, Peggy and Ric were gathered round a microphone playing Ukuleles while Jerry played a washboard. It's a history of the Ukulele and a chorus song, which you will be expected to sing along with.

This years tour sees the revival of of some of the songs from Babbacombe Lee, telling the story of John Lee, which was a concept album in the seventies, and boy does it sound like it when you hear it now. We also had the comedy value on the night we saw it where there was a brief disagreement about how one of the songs started. Gerry gave them a count in, and no one else moved, after a second attempt there was a long debate about whether it was the right count or not.

A very enjoyable night, ending, of course, on Meet on the Ledge with the audience singing along.

After the performance, Dark Horses, Chris and Simon were all in the foyer signing merchandise for people, so I'm now childishly happy because I've got the latest dvd signed by Simon Nicol.

In Love Progress

Latest update of In Love by Vervaco, it still looks like a whole lot of beige if I'm honest, but there are now more shades of beige, although you still can't really tell what it is. I'll give you a clue, the top beige is clouds, the bottom beige is water and beige, and the blank gap at the bottom right of the shot will eventually be a head, yeah, like I said whole lot of beige. Haven't had as much time as I would have liked this week, probably put about four hours in. Wednesday is normally a stitching night for me (other half plays badminton, so I can put a dvd on and curl up with my stitching), but as I said earlier, we went to see Fairport Convention this week, so didn't get a chance to stitch that night. I might get a bit more done tonight, but we've got Ben's parents over for dinner so I have to start making dinner soon. Anyway, I've been working on this one for two weeks, so I think it's time to do something else for a while. I didn't even mean to work on it this week. I picked it up to finish a cotton off, then in turned in to "I'll just finish this colour", "Well, if I do the next colour it might actually start to look like something." "Well, I've nearly finished this page, I might as well go ahead with it." and so on, but it's definitely time for another project now.
Excuse the blurry picture by the way, If I turn the flash off it also turns off the anti-shake for some reason, and I can't work out how to make it stop doing that, and if I take the picture with the flash on it bleaches anything and you can't see that there's even anything on the material, it's all fun!
Anyway, next weeks project will be card for Ben for Valentines, I've already picked the design, I've just got to start stitching it. Don't think it'll take me long, so I should be all right to get it finished in time for next Sunday, if all else fails, I'm going away with work Thursday and Friday, so I can probably hide in my room and work on it in the evening.