Monday, 31 December 2012

2013 targets

You can tell it's coming up to the end of the year, all those this is what I've done and this is what I'm going to do posts are coming up.
So I thought I'd publically declare the targets that I'm setting myself for 2013. These are far to ambitious and if I achieve half of them then it'll be a miracle (especially after the failure of the 2012 targets), but it's nice to plan. Even if it does all crumble around my ears!
So, as this is a majority stitching blog I'll start with the stitching targets:
  • Start a Joan Elliott chart - this was a target that I completely failed at last year so I thought I'd include it again. I haven't decided which chart yet, but I'd like to start one by her
  • Complete the black on the top row of Heather (6 pages) - seeing how much I've loved working on Clara this year, this one might actually be achieveable. Heather is a SAL, she's the full sized chart rather than the BB SAL and is my chart for the Raketeers SAL on facebook
  • 2 pages of Dragon Rider - I've done one full and 2 partials this year, so again, might actually be achieveable.
  • 2 pages of Chakra Fae - I fell out with her a bit during 2012 so I might not manage this one, I only managed a page and a half so far cos I got bored with her, but I'm hoping I might settle to her a bit more this year.
  • 2 pages on Lancelot & Guinevere - only managed one this year, but my next page moves away from background and includes a bit of person, which is exciting.
  • Colour in the top row of Clara (2.5 pages) - I've loved doing all the black, so I'm hoping that I'll enjoy the colour just as much and might manage this target
  • Finish Passione Ricamo SAL - I'm currently nearly 3 pages behind, meaning this is going to be about nine pages to stitch, but they're quite easy pages, so you never know, I might surprise myself and manage it
  • 3 Girls on Girls of the World - the trouble with this being an 'under desk' project means the amount of time spent on it is a little haphazard. I've manage 1 and a bit in about 6 months, so three in a year might be achieveable.
  • 2 pages on Winter's Majesty - I seem to fall out with this on a regular basis, so I'm not holidng my breath, but you never know, it might happen!
  • 2 pages of Pride and Prejudice by Serenity Stitch - I do love working on this, so hopefully I'll achieve it, especially as I've got two more of her kits waiting in the wings to be started, and a few more screaming at me to buy them.
  • FINISH SOMETHING!!!! - I think this is actually the least likely of all of the stitching targets, but you never know, pigs might develop flight!
Sort of stitching target:
  • I've been thinking of trying to organise a stitchers retreat for UK stitchers, and received a relatively warm reception to the idea (both some stitchers and non-stitching friends), so I'm going to try and get my arse in to gear this year, look into the logistics of it then take the plunge. I may ask you lovely followers to help me out with this by completing questionnaires and giving me feedback. I've got very grand and exciting plans, but am trying to temper them into starting small (seeing as I have no budget) and let it grow a little more organically!
Non-stitching targets
  • Continued attempts at getting fit. I tend to measure myself on calorie burn at the gym because all the machines measure that and it's a good standard to work on, and I generally average around 450 per session, so I'd like to push that a bit higher, and I'd also like to get my running distance up, it's currently (I think, I don't actually pay that much attention) a little over a pathetic 1.5km, so ideally I'd like to get that up to 5km, but it's probably more realistic to aim for 3km
  • Write something, anything, just actually feel like my writing is developing and not just stagnating horribly (all this in my copious free time).
  • Move my career forward. The stitchers retreat is kinda part of that, if I could make that into a viable business that would be great, but that also isn't going to happen in the near future so in the mean time I'd like to get the idea off the ground and in look around for other career opportunites. I've (hopefully) made a sstep forward this year with the second job, because it's giving me some of the experience that my CV was apparently missing, so this year I just need to make that work for me.
Wish me luck, I think I'm going to need it!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Bucket List (end of 2012)

As it's the end of the year, I thought I'd pst an update on the Bucket List - this is basically an annual update on the fact that I am clinically insane - but it keeps me amused all the same.

1. HAED: Lancelot and Guinevere (Fenech)
2. HAED: Dragon Rider (Spangler)
3. Maia: Winter's Majesty
4. HAED: Linda Ravenscroft: Chakra Fairy
5. HAED: Hannah Lynn: QS Clara
6. Passione Ricamo: 2012 Mystery SAL
7. Soda Stitch: World Collection – Girls
8. HAED: Hannah Lynn: Heather
9. Bothy Threads: Kings & Queens
10. Bothy: Cut Thru Castle
11. Cattitudes: Not only do I not know what’s going on
12. Cattitudes: To Bathe A Cat
13. Cross Stitch Collection: Heathcliffe
14. Cross Stitch Collection: Regency Ballroom
15. Cross Stitch Collection: Robin Hood
16. Cross Stitcher: King Arthur Sampler
17. Cross Stitcher: Medieval Lady
18. HAED: A Source of Admiration
19. HAED: Aimee Stewart: Night Flight
20. HAED: Aimee Stewart: The Teamaker’s Daughter
21. HAED: Aimee Stewart: Journey’s End
22. HAED: Annya Kai: Autumn Own Trio
23. HAED: Dahlig: Hope
24. HAED: Dahlig: Iris
25. HAED: Dahlig: Light
26. HAED: Dahlig: Love
27. HAED: Dahlig: Vanity
28. HAED: Hannah Lynn: Alice Lost
29. HAED: Hannah Lynn: Melinda & Moohoo
30. HAED: Hannah Lynn: Miss Marabelle
31. HAED: Hannah Lynn: Amanda & Axel
32. HAED: Hannah Lynn: Annabelle
33. HAED: Hannah Lynn: QS Genevive
34. HAED: Hannah Lynn: Payton
35. HAED: Hannah Lynn: Little Miss Deelish
36. HAED: Hannah Lynn: Runaway Princess
37. HAED: Hannah Lynn: Smartie Pants
38. HAED: James Christensen: Shakesperean Fantasy
39. HAED: JBG: Faces of Faery 185
40. HAED: JBG: Faces of Faery 187
41. HAED: JBG: Faces of Faery 162
42. HAED: JBG: Faces of Faery 141
43. HAED: JBG: Poe
44. HAED: JBG: QS Alice in Clockwork
45. HAED: Linda Ravenscroft: Daughter of Avalon
46. HAED: Linda Ravenscroft: Daughter of the Reef
47. HAED: Linda Ravenscroft: Lady Autumn and the Green Man
48. HAED: Linda Ravenscroft: Maiden Spring and Jack the Green
49. HAED: Linda Ravenscroft: Mask of Colours 1
50. HAED: Linda Ravenscroft: Mask of Colours 2
51. HAED: Linda Ravenscroft: Mistress Summer and Lord Baccus
52. HAED: Linda Ravenscroft: Mistress Winter and Jack Frost
53. HAED: Linda Ravenscroft: Rapunzel
54. HAED: Linda Tso: Ice Winds 2
55. HAED: Matt Stewart: Eternal Promise
56. HAED: Meeting on the Turret Stairs
57. HAED: Meredith Dillman: Alice in Wonderland
58. HAED: Meredith Dillman: Blossoming Spring
59. HAED: Meredith Dillman: Dancer
60. HAED: Meredith Dillman: Fall Fire
61. HAED: Meredith Dillman: QS Airships
62. HAED: Meredith Dillman: QS Steam Punk Fairy
63. HAED: Meredith Dillman: Queen of the Night
64. HAED: Meredith Dillman: Raven's Treasure
65. HAED: Meredith Dillman: Summer Sun
66. HAED: Nene Thomas: QS Whispers
67. HAED: Rachel Anderson: Emerald
68. HAED: Rachel Anderson: Ruby
69. HAED: Randal Spangler: Flights of Imagination
70. HAED: Randal Spangler: Hit any Key
71. HAED: Randal Spangler: Medieval Shelf
72. HAED: Randal Spangler: So Many Books, So Little Time
73. HAED: Randal Spangler: Sundae Delight
74. HAED: Randal Spangler: Train of Dreams
75. HAED: Randal Spangler: Treasure Quest
76. HAED: Rebecca Sinz: Enchanted Evening
77. HAED: Rebecca Sinz: Despair
78. HAED: Rebecca Sinz: Hope
79. HAED: Selina Fenech: Bewitched
80. HAED: Selina Fenech: Bubbles
81. HAED: Selina Fenech: Hide & Seek
82. HAED: Selina Fenech: I Put a Spell on You
83. HAED: Selina Fenech: Impossible Love
84. HAED: Selina Fenech: Jinxed
85. HAED: Selina Fenech: Lady of Avalon
86. HAED: Selina Fenech: Mab
87. HAED: Selina Fenech: Nephalia
88. HAED: Selina Fenech: Titania
89. HAED: The Soul of the Rose
90. HAED: Zielinska: Asian Fantasy 1
91. HAED: Zielinska: Asian Fantasy 2
92. HAED: Zielinska: Asian Fantasy 3
93. HAED: Zindy Nielson: Ice Blue Maiden
94. HAED: Zindy Nielson: Snow White
95. HAED: Zindy Nielson: Snow White Falls
96. Joan Elliott: Air
97. Joan Elliott: Earth
98. Joan Elliott: Water
99. Joan Elliott: Fire Goddess
100. Joan Elliott: Autumn
101. Joan Elliott: Spring
102. Joan Elliott: Summer
103. Joan Elliott: Winter Fairies.
104. Joan Elliott: Blue Geisha
105. Joan Elliott: Garden Geisha
106. Joan Elliott: Cinderella
107. Joan Elliott: Rapunzel
108. Joan Elliott: Sleeping Beauty
109. Joan Elliott: Lavender Fairy
110. Joan Elliott: Sweet Pea Fairy
111. Joan Elliott: Oriental Lady Beauty
112. Joan Elliott: Oriental Lady Grace
113. Joan Elliott: Oriental Lady Wisdom
114. Joan Elliott: Renaissance Lady 1
115. Joan Elliott: Renaissance Lady 2
116. Joan Elliott: Renaissance Lady 3
117. Joan Elliott: Poppy
118. Joan Elliott: Iris
119. Joan Elliott: Butterfly
120. Joan Elliott: Ladybird
121. Joan Elliott: Lavender
122. Joan Elliott: Dragonfly
123. Joan Elliott: Rose
124. Joan Elliott: Lily
125. Joan Elliott: Chrysanthemum
126. Joan Elliott: Snowdrop
127. Joan Elliott: 2012 Christmas Angel
128. Joan Elliott: Sweetpea
129. Lanarte: Geisha
130. Lanarte: Indian Beauty
131. LOTR: I've got four Lord of the Ring Charts by Fluffy Kittens (I kid you not), I'd like to do one of them, don't mind which)
132. Magical Cross Stitch: Dark Sorceress
133. Magical Cross Stitch: Earth Goddess
134. Magical Cross Stitch: Fairy Queene
135. Maia: Geishas
136. Mary Hickmott Designs: Penguin Parade
137. Memoirs of a Geisha
138. Mirabilia: Autumn Queen
139. Mirabilia: Midsummer Nights Fairy
140. Mirabilia: Shakespeare’s Fairies
141. Mirabilia: Spring Queen
142. Mirabilia: Summer Queen
143. Mirabilia: The Kiss
144. Mirabilia: Three for Tea
145. Mirabilia: Winter Queen
146. Mystick Stitch: Mark Spain:
147. Mystick Stitch: Mark Spain:
148. Mystick Stitch: Mark Spain:
149. Mystick Stitch: Mark Spain:
150. Mystick Stitch: Mark Spain:
151. Passione Ricamo: Fae Eyes
152. Passione Ricamo: Fairy of Dreams
153. Passione Ricamo: Mediterrano
154. Passione Ricamo: Medieval Enchantment
155. Passione Ricamo: Moon Fairy Spirit
156. Passione Ricamo: My Lady of the Snow
157. Passione Ricamo: Once Upon a Time
158. Passione Ricamo: Selene, the Moon Goddess
159. Passione Ricamo: Spring Fairy Spirit
160. Passione Ricamo: The Night
161. Passione Ricamo: Winter Beauty Princess
162. Pixel People: Firefly
163. Pixel People: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
164. Pixel People: The Princess Bride
165. Pixel People: Labyrinth
166. Self Designed: Princess Bride
167. Self Designed: Susan Sto Helit (Discworld)
168. Self Designed: Wicked
169. Self Designed: An Anime Chart
170. Serenity Stitch: Pride & Prejudice
171. Serenity Stitch: Merlin
172. Serenity Stitch: The Hobbit
173. Serenity Stitch: North & South
174. Tilton Crafts: Hocus Pocus
175. Tilton Crafts: Wonderland
Birth Sampler
Dragon Dreams - Fairy Tale Sampler
Dork Stitch: Come to the Dark Side