Monday, 21 August 2017

Lots of Wee Bits

As per usual, the title says it all... This week (month? - I honestly am trying to get better at that) I have a little bit of progress on lots of little things. First is my Cut Thru Castle, if you want a clue it's some additions to the room on the right that have been added this week. It did only get about an hour and half in craft group this week, so the fact that I've got anything to show is actually a miracle. 
Secondly I have some bunts, which I've decided is the singular of bunting before they're strung together to make bunting, and there is a chance that I've already made that joke three times today. These are the first things that I've made with my own dyed yarns, and I intend to make lots of little bunts from different dyes so that I can show them all off together. I got the train to Manchester and back to meet friends today, and these were made on the journey, much to the fascination of the teenager sat across the aisle from me, I kept catching her watching me. 
And here is the blanket of doom, the baby is due this weekend, there is absolutely no hope for that, and look at all the ends to darn in, this upsets me so much. I know full well that I should have done it as I went along, and I didn't, because I'm an idiot, so now I've got them all to do at the end, I'm such a fool! 
And finally, ooops, new start. can you guest what it is yet? To be fair, I know what it is, and I wouldn't have been able to guess, the colours aren't quite what I was expecting!

I suspect that next weeks progress will be similar to this week, lots of little bits. I'm hoping to have quite a crafting day on Thursday, but am then working all of the bank holiday weekend, so boo to that!

Monday, 7 August 2017

It grows, sort of!

I know, everything I post at the moment it a little but bit yarn based, but I promise that there will be a bit more cross stitch in the future, I have so many projects that I want to working on, and I'll get back to them, once I've got a couple of presents sorted and my free time re-appears. In the mean time, I've now finished the third round on my squares, so here they are randomly in a heap, all 144 of them... only the final round and joining to go and it'll be less of a heap and more of a blanket, hopefully! 
And my dyeing continues, I quite like some of my last set of colours, I'm currently debating what my next set of dyeing colours will be this week. I feel that I ought to more more towards colours that I wouldn't normally go to, but at the same time, I like the colours I like, so I'm not really sure! Watch this space!