Monday, 7 August 2017

It grows, sort of!

I know, everything I post at the moment it a little but bit yarn based, but I promise that there will be a bit more cross stitch in the future, I have so many projects that I want to working on, and I'll get back to them, once I've got a couple of presents sorted and my free time re-appears. In the mean time, I've now finished the third round on my squares, so here they are randomly in a heap, all 144 of them... only the final round and joining to go and it'll be less of a heap and more of a blanket, hopefully! 
And my dyeing continues, I quite like some of my last set of colours, I'm currently debating what my next set of dyeing colours will be this week. I feel that I ought to more more towards colours that I wouldn't normally go to, but at the same time, I like the colours I like, so I'm not really sure! Watch this space!

1 comment:

rosey175 said...

o I dunno, I like those colors an awful lot! I think there needs to be more of them! Also they seem more tempting to use if they're colors you love.

Unless you just love them so much that they're on display!

Not that I've done that.