Saturday, 27 June 2015

So I'm carrying on with Heroes and Heroines, I don't know if I'll make it to the end of the page before I move on to something else, but I decided to carry on while I was on a roll with it. Scarlet's skirt is showing at the bottom, and you can see the beginning of that on this page as well, but this page is mostly bookshelf and stairs. I haven't got as much as I've had to show the last couple of weeks but it's still progressing nicely.
Next up I'm continuing with the attempted bodice making. On the left is draft two, it horrible fabric while I work out the size, but it vaguely fits and I'm proud to have got it that far.
Below is the bit I was really scared of, starting in the proper fabric, obviously it still needs a bit of work, and I had to tuck it slightly at the arm hole, because it was gaping, but I'm starting to vaguely see what I'm actually aiming for.

Sunday, 21 June 2015


Last thing on Sunday evening and I suddenly remember that it's been IHSW (and that I've actually been involved for once) and that means that I need to post an update. I'm a little disappointed as I was hoping for a page finish, although I'm not too far off, only one page left, but not bad progress, even if I do say so myself, especially as I've been working today.
Hope everyone else who joined in had a good weekend.

Friday, 19 June 2015

I'm loving Heroes and Heroines

The title says a lot, I'm loving Heroes and Heroines, I've finished the first partial page (I record of five days) and am now enjoying the second page. I know it doesn't look like much yet, this is the bottom right corner so it's really just bookshelf. In the very top of the first page you can see the beginning of Scarlett's skirt, and if you squint at the second page you can see the continuing shape of the bottom of the skirt. Loving it!
And it's IHSW this weekend, which I haven't been able to join in with in ages because of my shifts, but I'm hoping to actually have some stitching to show for it this weekend.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Bits and Bobs

So, firstly I've manage to finish the second page of Family Values, and the page really came together at the end, especially the scythe, I really wasn't seeing that until right at the end.
Secondly, excuse the gratuitous boob shot, which, now that  type it probably isn't the thing to type on something that could be searched by google, but now the idea of someone searching that and ending up here is amusing me so it's going to stay in. Also excuse what is an incredibly unattractive photo of me. Anyway, I'm learning to sew. I'm trying to make a costume for LFCC but I've never made things in my life. I bought a pattern, got it out of the packet, stared at it for a while then put it back in the package and messaged a friend who is good at sewing, she is not teaching me to follow the pattern. This is a mock up of the top, it's the wrong fabric and too small, but it's tailored and I'm proud of that fact that, with her help, I actually managed to make something of sorts.
And finally... when I started this year I said that there wouldn't be any new starts but gave myself a couple of get out of jail free cards. These were mostly gifts for other people, but also included two designs that I knew had been sent to charters and so I was just waiting for them to be released. Typically they were both released in the same week and I'm now officially doomed. Here's my first of these starts. Heroes and Heroines, Supersized by Aimee Stewart and charted by HAED. It took me quite a lot of staring to work out what this is, it's pretty much nothing but bookshelf, there isn't really any picture in this page.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Progress of varying degrees

 So, Family Values is progressing, little stitches fill in the blanks now, so it's coming together quickly, but at the same time this last bit seems to be taking me ages and I really don't know why that is, so I'm still working on it. However Heroes and Heroines Supersized was released today, so I need to finish that page off so i can start my new project.
In other news I was at the Crafty Kitten stitching retreat this weekend with the lovely Angie from Miamina's Musings, Dawn from Crafty Kitten, Sarah from Paine Free Crafts and Eileen from Thread Pickerz and many other people, but they're the only ones that I can reliably link to. We had a fantastic weekend, but I didn't achieve quite as much stitching as intended due to spending far too much time talking instead but here's what I did achieve. I carefully set her up so that I wouldn't have to count at an point during the weekend, so at least that went well.

Monday, 1 June 2015

May re-cap

So it turns out that I've actually done more this month than I thought, which is oddly cheering, apparently the beginning of May was much further ago that I thought it was!
 Cloudsfactory 2014 SAL at the beginning of May

 And at the end of May

 Family Values by Paul Kidby at the beginning of May

 And at the end

 Heather by Hannah Lynn at the beginning of May

And also at the end

All in all, not bad, even if I do say so myself.

And I also managed my word count, although it was a little bit like pulling teeth. I managed 10058 (so I really only did just get over 10000), but it's still progress, all good :-)