Saturday, 13 June 2015

Bits and Bobs

So, firstly I've manage to finish the second page of Family Values, and the page really came together at the end, especially the scythe, I really wasn't seeing that until right at the end.
Secondly, excuse the gratuitous boob shot, which, now that  type it probably isn't the thing to type on something that could be searched by google, but now the idea of someone searching that and ending up here is amusing me so it's going to stay in. Also excuse what is an incredibly unattractive photo of me. Anyway, I'm learning to sew. I'm trying to make a costume for LFCC but I've never made things in my life. I bought a pattern, got it out of the packet, stared at it for a while then put it back in the package and messaged a friend who is good at sewing, she is not teaching me to follow the pattern. This is a mock up of the top, it's the wrong fabric and too small, but it's tailored and I'm proud of that fact that, with her help, I actually managed to make something of sorts.
And finally... when I started this year I said that there wouldn't be any new starts but gave myself a couple of get out of jail free cards. These were mostly gifts for other people, but also included two designs that I knew had been sent to charters and so I was just waiting for them to be released. Typically they were both released in the same week and I'm now officially doomed. Here's my first of these starts. Heroes and Heroines, Supersized by Aimee Stewart and charted by HAED. It took me quite a lot of staring to work out what this is, it's pretty much nothing but bookshelf, there isn't really any picture in this page.


Justine said...

Discworld is looking good, the scythe really stands out now! I hope you'll share your other new purchase with us soon.

Linda said...

Nice progress and start.


Bea said...

Family Values is looking wonderful and a great new start. It's a fantastic design.

Good luck with the sewing - that's a skill I don't have.

Keebles said...

Heroes and Heroines is in my wishlist, so I'm excited to see your progress on it! And good luck with the sewing! I'm craft-inept, so I envy anyone that can do it!

Renee said...

Such great progress! And, I am SO excited to see your new start. I saw that chart and thought it was AMAZING. I am so looking forward to watching yours come together! Best wishes with the sewing. :)

Miamina said...

Love the page finish on Family values, it's really come together and looks fab! Sarah has done a wonderful job with it! Great start on the bookcase, at least these starts were planned so it isn't really a problem, mine on the other hand, have become slightly out of control!!

That sewing is awesome! The best I've managed are some QSnap covers, which took me a few goes and a bit of trial and error, I think it's not far off my limit. Making far out of my comfort zone and ability! Good luck with it though :)