Sunday, 22 November 2015

Crochet and Shoes

Hello my dears, how are you? I have an admission to make... I haven't stitched this week and *whispers* I haven't missed it. I'm a little obsessed with my crochet and so that's what's been taking up all my time. I've done six stripes in the last week which is loads, I've more than doubled it, so proud of myself, starting to believe in the blanket (rather that suspecting that it might end up as a scarf). So much so I've started to debate what I'm going to do with the finish. Originally it was going to be for me but, true to form I've got 3-4 other blankets in various stages on planning and kitting and I have to admit that this is my least favourite colour scheme of all of them, so I might gift this to someone else, at the moment I'm debating inflicting it on my loving mother or Grandad. Possibly more of a mum colour scheme, but her birthday is in February and I'm not convinced I can hit that, so my Grandad's birthday is more realistic, but at the current speed, who knows.
Secondly, this is how I've spent my evening. My first ever attempt at comic book shoes, they're not perfect, but I'm certainly quite proud of them. I found quite an annoying tutorial on youtube to give me a vague idea of what I was doing (and quite a lot of anger to vent at the presenter. She'd obviously no interest in the comic book style other than because it was very 'on trend' at the moment, but my main problem is that she had no idea what she was doing. Having done something there was a quick cut and she was suddenly explaining how she'd just been told that she was doing it wrong, and this was how she was meant to be doing it). Anyway, I quite enjoyed it, it wasn't as time consuming or as messy as I expected. I'm not saying I didn't end up covered in Mod Podge, but I was covered in a lot less of it than I was expecting, and it used a lot less paper than I was expecting so I've got loads left, enough to do a second set, possibly even a third, and that's nothing to how much Mod Podge I've got left, I'm currently looking around my flat trying to work out what else I could use it on!
Hopefully I'll have some actual stitching to show next week, I do intend to. Happy stitching all!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Hello blanket

I realised that it was a long time since I updated on my blanket, although it's also a while since I've had much time to work on it. However I've had the time to get back to it again and am loving it. I did all of the light green, finished the pink and started the dark green yesterday, so all in all it went well. 
And secondly, Heroes and Heroines appears as my HAED challenge on the Supersized page, I haven't managed much, but I have managed my 400 stitches, in fact I think this is about 800 (although once again I feel like 800 should look like more).

Saturday, 7 November 2015

He returns

Dragon Rider is supposedly my focus piece, and I've just realised that I haven't work on it since April, there have been far to many projects (and new starts) in my life for the last six months, so Dragon Rider is back on the frame and back getting some attention, at least he was... ooops! I've signed up for the two HAED SALs this month, the normal one and the SS one. Dragon Rider is my normal one. They're not challenging targets, 100 stitches a week for four weeks, so 400 altogether (I know you already worked that out, don't worry :-) ). This is 900 stitches on this page, which I find oddly depressing, I feel like 900 ought to look like more than a smudge, but what can you do? However, as I've hit the target on that I'm now going to move onto Heroes and Heroines for the SS SAL, but Dragon Rider will be back, my guilt over how long it is since I last worked on him is strong, so he'll get some more love very soon. I'm not even putting him away properly, just to make sure that I really don't have any excuse.

 And this is my other offering this week, he's only little, but I'm rather excited about my little crochet owl, for many reasons. He's the first time that I've ever really done proper shaping using increases and decreases, and that seems to have worked so yay! He's the first time that I've used a magic ring and again, it seems to have worked, so yay! It's the first time I've done anything 3D as opposed to flat, so also my first time stuffing, and that seems to have worked, so yay! And finally, he's my first ever commission. Someone at work requested this little dude from me, so that's the first time someone's trusted my crochet enough to ask for something. And seeing how many firsts there were for me in this, she was quite brave, and he's only a little cross eyed. Lets say that it makes him unique. This was actually a free pattern so if you want to make it yourself you can find the chart here