Saturday, 26 May 2018

It's a miracle

Wednesday night when I went to bed, I hadn't touched this and I didn't think I was going to get anything done on this at all this week. Thursday evening I managed to get out of work a little earlier than I was expecting (still an hour after my shift finished, but earlier than I was expecting) and then Ben was late home, so I managed a bit of stitching and was thinking 'at least I'll have something to show this week.' Friday afternoon I had an hour to kill while waiting for a delivery and suddenly it was all coming together. This evening I was banned from the living room because Ben was organising something I'm not meant to see (it's our anniversary on Monday, so that's not as weird as it could have sounded) so I took my stitching and a dvd to the bedroom to work on it, and now it's the Champion's League final which I don't give a damn about but he loves, so that's a girl to do but stitch? So here's my page finish, technically it's two pages but they're only partials. And my needle minder illustrating for me as this still doesn't really look like anything (little clue, the needle minder is in the same order, this is the beginning of Sarah's skirt). So, page finish means these ladies get tucked away, and despite my startitus at the moment, if anyone has managed to get a grasp on my complicated rotation system will know that every third page is Dragon Rider, so the little dude is back out again.

Monday, 21 May 2018

A little more

I didn't get quite as much as I meant to done this week, I was hoping to have these two partial pages finished, but as per usual I have too many hobbies and therefore don't spend enough time on any of them. I had a full stitching day planned on Saturday, and I did get some done, but I got distracted by some colouring, which I haven't done in ages (wow I'm out of practice), and managed to get a little bit of writing done as well, which means this has not had the attention that I intended, but at least you can definitely see the difference between this weeks picture and last weeks. Not enough to be able to tell you what it is, but the needle minder is a pretty hefty clue on this occasion. And hopefully my free time will increase in the next few weeks, as this is my last five day week at work. So excited (and a little bit scared!)

Monday, 14 May 2018

Happy 500!

The title is mostly irrelevant, other than I've just noticed that this is my 500th post, which is a little scary... that means that I've been writing this for probably about 10 years.
Anyway... stitching... the issue with my major startitus is it means that I've got a lot of pictures that look like this at the moment, you can see that I've done some stitching, but you really can't see what it is that I'm making, and this is a perfect example of that. A lot of my projects seem to look like this, and not just that they look like nothing much, they all seem to have this pale streak from coming from the corner that could be just about anything. As per usual I'm going to play my childish game of not telling you what this is yet.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

I wasn't too ambitious!!!

For once in my life I wasn't too ambitious. I actually managed to achieve what I said I was going to, it's not often that I can say that.
The little cat is looking so cute, or, in theme with our recent trip, so kawaii, look at him sleeping and looking cute.
Anyway, I was a bit concerned about the light blue around the outline, it does look a little odd up close in this picture, but when you take a step it makes much more sense.
So, startitus is still controlling my life, what could possibly be coming next?