Sunday, 9 April 2017

Bad blogger, very bad blogger!

I knew it had been a couple of weeks since my last post, I didn't realise that it had been over a month. Bad Blogger! Very Bad Blogger! The difficulty is that I don't have much to show. The secret project continues to be secret, so here's what I do have to show (and hopefully distract you from my rubbishness with). 
This months blanket club arrived a couple of weeks ago, I'll be honest, not my favourite one, but still some pretty shades, and when I got them out to photograph this afternoon I liked them more than I remembered, so that's good. But I still haven't decided what pattern I'm going to do with these yet (and wouldn't have the time even if I hard), so they're stacking up in a pretty little heap.
Secondly, here is my spaghetti collection. I'm keeping them in a Tupperware box at the moment to keep them together and relatively clean, and two different people have asked why I'm carrying a box of spaghetti around with me... these are the centre's for my Granny Sunbursts, there are 96 of them in this picture, I need to make another 45, and I already have three that have all but the last round made up, when I was practising/learning the pattern and putting it in to my little portable pattern book. And then I've got to learn how to join as I go for doing the last round... These look really creamy in the picture, they're actually quite a pretty pale yellow colour, and this is from someone who doesn't really like yellow, so that makes me happy!
STASH!!!!!! I went to Spring in to Wool yesterday, and I came away with pretties! As per usual pictures don't do them justice, and you just can't feel how squidgeable some of them are... I love Truly Hooked's yarns are... the ones on the right are apparently seconds, but I can't tell the difference. I have vague plans for most of these... the truly hookeds are part of the monster blanket project. The colour wheel in the middle I've got a vague idea of a fade between grey stripes, but haven't got as far as working out what yet... and the spinables are for when I learn to spin... and in the mean time, they feel so nice!
And finally the paper flowers... they are bigger than they last were... the second round is done on these... I don't really know how many I actually need so I'm working randomly, and when I see how much I can do with these, I'll then work out how many more I actually need to make... and my plan for this evening is the third round, so wish me luck :-)