Monday, 8 May 2017

It's me!

Okay, even by my standards, once a month is pretty poor, I'm sorry! I'm hoping that June will see normal service resume... I have no new excuses, the secret project continues to be secret (although it is also suddenly a lot closer to completion, woohoo), I'm three weeks off the wedding (hyperventilates quietly in a corner) and work is manic, meaning that I don't have much free time to do the stuff I need to do (for wedding and secrets), so I've got even less time left after all that to work on other things, I'm getting major stitching withdrawls, even projects that I know I get frustrated with really quickly are currently begging for me to pay attention to them. However, I have managed to scrape together a couple of pictures so that I have something to show. Firstly, three bridesmaids bouquets, they're not perfect, and when I look at projects that other people have posted, I get bouquet envy, but they're my colour scheme (not that I'm obsessed with purple or anything), and they're the book that I wanted them made out of as it's one of my favourite books (Good Omens if you're interested), and I made them so bleh to anyone else :-) Also, I'm aware that this is sacrilege to book lovers, so I apologise for that. Ben was laughing at me as it was causing me physical pain when I was taking the pages out of the book to use, although strangely it caused me less pain when it was his favourite book that I was dismantling. My only defence is that this was a rescue book, our local supermarket has a sad little shelf for unloved and generally quite abused books, and that's where I happened to find a copy of the book I needed, but it doesn't mean that I didn't wince when I took the cover off, I swear I heard a cry and would make no guarantees whether it was be or the book that made it.
Secondly, this is technically also a secret project as it's a gift, but I'm 99% sure that the person it's intended for doesn't follow my blog, and even if they did, it's not as though this actually looks like anything at the moment so, here you go! The growth of the Granny Sunbursts... that was with all but seven of the little yellow centres (can you believe I had to go out and buy a second ball to do the last seven, what am I going to do with an almost complete ball of pale yellow?). I am actually a little further on since this pic, I've got the extra ball of yellow and done the last seven, and I've done about half a dozen more round twos... this is now the most mindless project to work on, there's pretty much no counting involved until I get to round four and try to work out how on earth I'm meant to do join as you go, so I can put the TV on and my hands can do this while my brain does other things!
I have got a vague idea for using up odds and ends that I'm playing with at the moment (because that's what I need, more projects), it's a future future future project but the idea is hanging around in my head, it's basically the yarn equivalent of a memory quilt!
In other news, I've just started talking about getting some bespoke charts done, squee! I'm a bit of a horror, if I fall in love with an artists work I approach them first and worry about when on earth I'm going to actually have time to stitch it later. So I already have two Paul Kidby pieces charted, one of which I've started and can been seen in my side bar. I've approached two other artists and had positive answers so am now talking to someone about the charting of one of those, I have sadly been turned down by one artist (don't get me wrong, completely her prerogative, but I'm sad that I won't be able to stitch it, as I'm far too honest to do so without her permission, and all the charters I've worked with thus far wouldn't without proof of permission anyway), and I'm in the process of trying to contact one more artist... it's normally on the scale of geeky that I approach, so watch this space :-)
As I say, I'm hoping the mojo will re-appear in June (ie I'l hopefully have free time again), and I'm thinking that there may be a couple of celebratory new starts in my future, but I already knew there were loads of things that I wanted to start over the next couple of years, so it's not exactly surprising. Happy crafting everyone!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Bad blogger, very bad blogger!

I knew it had been a couple of weeks since my last post, I didn't realise that it had been over a month. Bad Blogger! Very Bad Blogger! The difficulty is that I don't have much to show. The secret project continues to be secret, so here's what I do have to show (and hopefully distract you from my rubbishness with). 
This months blanket club arrived a couple of weeks ago, I'll be honest, not my favourite one, but still some pretty shades, and when I got them out to photograph this afternoon I liked them more than I remembered, so that's good. But I still haven't decided what pattern I'm going to do with these yet (and wouldn't have the time even if I hard), so they're stacking up in a pretty little heap.
Secondly, here is my spaghetti collection. I'm keeping them in a Tupperware box at the moment to keep them together and relatively clean, and two different people have asked why I'm carrying a box of spaghetti around with me... these are the centre's for my Granny Sunbursts, there are 96 of them in this picture, I need to make another 45, and I already have three that have all but the last round made up, when I was practising/learning the pattern and putting it in to my little portable pattern book. And then I've got to learn how to join as I go for doing the last round... These look really creamy in the picture, they're actually quite a pretty pale yellow colour, and this is from someone who doesn't really like yellow, so that makes me happy!
STASH!!!!!! I went to Spring in to Wool yesterday, and I came away with pretties! As per usual pictures don't do them justice, and you just can't feel how squidgeable some of them are... I love Truly Hooked's yarns are... the ones on the right are apparently seconds, but I can't tell the difference. I have vague plans for most of these... the truly hookeds are part of the monster blanket project. The colour wheel in the middle I've got a vague idea of a fade between grey stripes, but haven't got as far as working out what yet... and the spinables are for when I learn to spin... and in the mean time, they feel so nice!
And finally the paper flowers... they are bigger than they last were... the second round is done on these... I don't really know how many I actually need so I'm working randomly, and when I see how much I can do with these, I'll then work out how many more I actually need to make... and my plan for this evening is the third round, so wish me luck :-)

Saturday, 25 February 2017

He returns!

Dragon Rider has returned, I have temporarily stopped sulking with him, so he's getting a bit of love, I am determined that this page will be finished before I put him away, and after quite a good week this week, i'm hoping to get another good week this week coming, although I won't have as much time this week, but just a noticeable difference will make me happy.  This is page 10, and there are 21 altogether, so, after six years, I'm nearly half way through home, that is not a good record. But he is now my focus piece, so hopefully the second half won't take me quite as long, but I'm not quite as hopeful as I should be.
Second is the Granny Starbursts, which I do rather like the colour combo of. I'm trying to be organised and make them in order, so all the centres, all of round two, etc. So I'm currently in the process of making lost of tiny yellow circles. I have also realised that I'm going to have to take the white off the three that I've done. If I'm going to join as I go, doing the white was a mistake.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

I surrender

I've finally accepted defeat and accepted that the lure of Dragon Rider has become stronger than the lure of Belle, as beautiful as she is. I do still love her, but I don't have a very long attention span, and combined with the fact that I've had very little free time over the last few weeks so haven't really had a chance to work on her, I've got it into my head that it's time to move on, and poor Dragon Rider has been around for years, so he's always worthy of a bit more love and attention. 
Secondly I've started a new baby blanket, I ummed and ahhed over these colours for a while, but am finally happy with them, although there are  still a couple of different ideas that I'm playing with for how to lay the blanket out. This is the Granny Sunburst square (I used Bella Coco's tutorial) in King Cole Cherished

Monday, 13 February 2017

Beauty and the...

Quick update this week. I don't have much to show, what I do have to show was done on Sunday evening, I haven't picked up a needle or a hook all week. I can't work out if I'm on the wane on this one, or if it's just because I've been busy and tired, but once that idea starts to settle in my head a project doesn't tend to stay out for much longer. I'm sure it'll be out again soon is she does go away though.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Bits and bats

The title says it all really, here are all of the things that I have been distracted by this week... that's where I seem to be at at the moment, I never have a week of working on just one thing, I flit about a lot. Firstly is not something I'm making, it's just very pretty. I signed up for the For The Love of Yarn blanket club this year, and my first months arrived this week. I'm completely in love with the colours. I haven't decided what pattern to go with yet, I have to admit I'm not a massive fan of the pattern that came with it, so as soon as I decide what I'm going to do with it... yeah yeah, we all know I've got way too many projects on the go, but it's so pretty and I love owning them, and I'll debate over patterns and probably end up going for old faithful anyway... watch this space, you never know, I might start something.

Second up, I finished the hat, I'm so happy. It also means that I have one less obligation piece on the go, which means that I'm one step closed to working on something that I actually want to work on. The frog hat is already winging his way towards a new home, and I am debating whether to work on a blanket that I want to work on (a couple of options, see pretty yarn above, or I'm also signed up for Attic24's Moorland CAL, which I haven't started yet, and am probably going to use a different pattern for... see if you can guess which pattern I'm going to go for.
And finally, this ladies haven't seen the light of day since the end of 2013, but I pulled them out for a SAL this month, where the theme is 'closest to finishing'. I'm not close to finishing anything, but mathmatically this probably have the least stitches required to finish it. This is from Soda Stitch, and is quite cute actually.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Slow and Steady...

 Just getting this progress update in before the end of the weekend, I don't even have an excuse for why it's taken me so long today, we had quite a quiet day, I've just been continually distracted by other things. I actually took the pictures before breakfast (although I am willing to admit that the breakfast was at lunch time), it's just taken me this long to get them on to the computer. The Beast continues, so much for having this section finished by the end of the month, but then I was always a little bit ambitious, so I'm not really surprised by that. 
The hat continues as well, true to form I've actually done more since I took this picture, but am to lazy to take another picture. By the time next week I might even have finished it... although I really can't have that as a might, it's a birthday present for someone, so if I don't get my arse into gear soon they're not going to get it on time. Not sure how much time I'll have next week, but I'm sure that I'll have something to show at least. This will be done, and hopefully I'll have some more stitching to show as well.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Beauty and the...

Beast... it's definitely the right description for this dress... it's an absolute beast. There was me thinking, week and a half, I'll get these pages finished no problems, suddenly I'm not quite as sure as I was. I am loving it though, still. and wish I could get a decent picture of my beautiful fabric. It went to craft group with me this week and both she and the fabric got lots on compliments, I just wish I could spend as much time as I wanted to on her, although hopefully I won't have a bad week this week, I'm just trying to balance my time between this and the two projects that I should be working on, which is what I'm heading back to next, happy crafting all.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

The Beast

Greetings from the dress that I once saw someone describe as 'The Beast', which s turns out is a pretty accurate description.
Having said that, I am absolutely loving working on this. I was hoping to finish the outline on the bottom two pages before I posted this week, but haven't quite hit it, but I'm pretty close, and I'm hoping to get there before I go to bed tomorrow! The best thing is, once I've finished the edge, there is only one colour left on these pages, so it's mindless stitching, best of both worlds, I have really enjoyed working on this, and then I get mindless stitching, and suddenly, I've finished the first two pages, *cough* apart from the back stitch *cough*.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

New Year Start... HAHA!

This week has not gone how I planned... I had time put aside Wednesday evening and Friday morning where I was going to stitch, then it turned out that what I really wanted to do with that time is work, so unfortunately my New Year New Start actually have about 20 stitches on it, and is massively dwarfed by my new crochet project... what could it be.
Happy New Year all, hope you had a good one!

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Last years targets. and new targets

Again, it's the annual post of looking at last years targets, laughing hysterically at how badly I did on them

So to start, here are last years targets:

2016 Targets

Dragon Rider: 9 pages –
2.5 pages complete (this was definitely over optimistic)
Heroes and Heroines: 4 pages - 1 page
Harley Quinn: 2 pages - Nope
Ex Machina: 1 page - Nope
Coudsfactory: Border and January - Nope
A Stitch in Time: 2 pages - Nope
Family Values: 2 pages - Nope
Ice Queen: 1 page - Nope
Our Seasons: 1 page - Nope

So, my targets last year were ridiculously ambitious, I've realised that they were 23 pages, I complete a page a month, on a good month, so I've learnt to be more realistic next year!

Things that weren't on the list have have been achieved:
A sheep picture as a wedding gift
Always - hard to say, about half a page
Promise to heart - not even a quarter of a page
Altogether I've completed 4 pages this year, this is spectacularly rubbish, even my my standards! Must do better!

Finish 2 blankets (both are intended as gifts so I sort of have to) - I actually achieved this! I'm so proud!
Make Ben's second sock - Nope
Start my colourful blanket (basic repeating pattern in beautiful wool) - Sort of, I can't remember what blanket I was actually talking about, but I have started a repeating pattern blanket
Design my Ghibli graphgan, it doesn't have to be started, just designed - Nope

Other things I've achieved:
Another baby blanket on top of the two above.
A Groot
Most of a sheep hat
The start of two other blankets
The start of a cuddly bunny

The rest of my life:

Write at least 200 words a day - nope, I hit an average of 83 words a day, although that average includes the fact that there are three months with a flat total of zero
Stitchers retreat (hahaha) - Why do I do these things to myself?
Improve my fitness - Actually yes, I'm running, I'm currently doing a 5 mile route, and am running the first 3.2 miles of that without slowing or pausing, and I then walk the rest.

2017 targets

Dragon Rider - 4 pages
Howl’s Moving Castle
Cara Mia
Disney Princess
Princess and the Dragon
Spirited Away
Princess Bride
Ex Machina

Finish a couple of blankets
Finish the bunny
Finish the sheep hat
Make the second damn sock
Virus shawl

The rest of my life:
Another attempt at the 200 words a day average
Get my run up to 5 miles

So, hopefully my targets are slightly more realistic this year, let's see how I get on.

Friday, 30 December 2016

What happened in 2016

So I'm going to order this post in order of pride, starting with stuff I'm proud of and finishing with stuff that is to my shame!

Part I
So, I'm starting with my finishes (see, most proud of!)

 Sheep, I can't remember the name of the kit or who it was by, but it's cute, and purple

 There were a lot of blankets in 2016, this one is the Cosy Blanket from Attic24, but using an Ice Yarns variagated

 This is the Blackberry Blanket, but again, using another ice Yarns variagated

 This is Groot, no other words are required

And this is yet another blanket, also an Attic 24, Ripple blanket, using her colour pack. My biggest achievement to date with crochet, and as it was the first big thing I did, and I was still learning, my stitches have tightened up as I've got used to it, so one side is wider than the other.

And a last minute finish, my Sheep Hat

Part II
Stuff that has progressed over the year, either a new start or a before and after picture for the year.

Always, artwork by Kordek, charted by Tilton, started this year

Another use of the Cosy blanket by Attic 24 (it is one of my favourite patterns), this time using Mrs Moon's yarn. Quite possibly the softest thing ever

My first attempt at an Edward's Menagerie pattern, one day a bunny, at the moment, a shrivelled pear

Dragon Rider, the only project that (I think) I work on consistently each year, before

And after

Harley Quinn by Charting Creations, new start this year

Another Attic24 pattern (can you tell she's my favourite?), a start on the Harmony blanket

Finally a use for the neon yarn, I have more squares than this, but they're all variations on a theme, using (you guessed it) Attic 24's version on the solid granny square

Promise to the Heart by Kordek and charted by Tilton. Before

And after

Part III

Gallery or Shame!
I'm ashamed to say that these haven't seen so much as a stitch this year! And I'm aware this looks an absolute mess, I have up trying to make it look tidy!