Wednesday, 19 September 2018

New.... page!

I was good I resisted (at least temporarily) another new start, I went back to Dragon Rider, I'm determined, this one is going to be finished it two years... I know, two years is still a long time, but I'm ambitious, not stupid!

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Back in the light of day

It turns out that this lovely lady, who was originally the New Year New Start 2013 stitchalong, and she hasn't seen the light of day since 2015 - I had no idea it had been so long.
I was away for a mini stitching retreat with friends this weekend, so she was lovely to take with me because I could chat and stitch without worrying that I'd miscounted, and because of that I've also manage to move her on a little bit. Hopefully it won't be three years until she's next out, but considering how many projects I have on the go I really wouldn't count on it.

Sunday, 2 September 2018


You'll be glad to know, after having to see me bitch and moan about this for the best part of a month I have finally finished my page. I moved on from the brown and found some other colours, some oranges and pinks, and I've finished it, woohoo! It's now tucked away and I'll move on to something else. Dragon Rider is back out next officially speaking. But I've got a mini stitching retreat next week (ie I've hired a cottage with a couple of friends) and confetti is not my friend when there's gossiping happening, so I'm going to take something simpler along with me.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Nearly there

This is actually working up pretty quickly, the love of a nice repeatative pattern, it makes up nicely and I don't have to concentrate to hard on it (a good thing for my poor sleepy brain), and I'm starting to see the progress in my rainbow as well, you can't quite see it in this slightly poor picture but it's just starting to edge into green at the top, green is where my favourite colours start, greens, blues and purples make me happy!
This one is the same as I say every week, it's getting there, the end of this page is in sight, I can survive the brown. I have a duvet day planned on Thursday (as long as I manage all my jobs on Wednesday) in which case there is the vaguest of possibilities (I know, I said it last week as well) that I will finally get this page finished, I can't remember the last time a page felt so much like it was dragging, but slow and steady and all that. It's not like I'm going to finish this in the next ten years or anything.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Little bits

 The blanket is growing, and I'm really loving it now. Because of how I'd ordered the colours it turns out that all of my least favourite colours were in the first 10 stripes, now that I'm past those it's all bright and happy, and I'm really enjoying it, I've started the rainbow and this is one of my go to patterns anyway. Cosy Stripe by Attic24, with a slight modification as my second row of Granny never seems to be very well defined.
Second up, I'm really loving my spinning. I've finally got into it and am starting to manage to make something vaguely passable. The two on the left prove that I've got very definite tastes. They were from different places but it turns out that their colours were almost identical, although I like one a lot more than the other. My original plan was to ply them together but because I like one so much more than the other I'm still deciding what to do. I've had some suggestions from a spinning group so I'm sure I'll make a decision one day.
And finally, some stitching progress. I'm blaming the above two pictures for the fact that I don't have as much stitching to show as I would like, but it's coming on, I'm starting to get over just how brown it is, and hopefully another week or two will have my page finish. It's brown which isn't my favourite colour (in case that hadn't been clear from my recent moaning about it) and there isn't really anything happening on this page so I'm struggling to get through it, but I'm getting there, slowly but surely.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Slow and steady

 The crochet is back out, a combination of my spinning and the slightly cooler weather means that I've been able to get yarny projects without feeling like I'm going to melt. I put this away when I got about eight colours in to it and realised that there was a mistake in it, it was definitely tapering in. So I pulled it back to the first row and started it again and I'm now at the lovely point of doing new bits, I'm not just repeating the bits that I did wrong the first time, I'm now doing new bits. It's not looking like a blanket yet, but it's starting to get there. Plus if if was too blankety I wouldn't be able to work on it because, despite the fact that it has got cooler I don't want to be working on something that is still a massive blanket, so I can probably work another five to ten rows before I start to melt and need to wait until October before I can work on it.
The stitching is growing, although not as fast as it should be. The brown continues, it continues to be worked on and it continues to be so brown, but as I had pointed out to me a few days ago, there are other colours I just haven't quite reached them yet, and sadly I won't reach them on this page, but at least I know that they're out there, waiting for me, one day.

Monday, 6 August 2018

I'm so easily distracted

First up, my stitching, because there isn't really any colour variation in this page, it doesn't really look like it's growing at all, it was brown and black last week and it's still brown and black this week, but in a slightly fuller week. As some who's loving colour at the moment (and let's be honest, I'm a bit of a colour junkie all the time) I am struggling with this page at the moment, just because I want something to pop out with some brightness, However, I'm hoping to have a bit of stitching time this week so hopefully I'll have something more exciting to show next week. (Well, this week, running a little late this week).

And here's my pop of colour for this week, seeing as I am missing it from my stitching this week. Last September I treated myself to a Spinning Wheel at Yarndale, I had a bit of a play, but it wasn't clicking for me, and I didn't really have the time to practice and try and get better at it. The spinning wheel has come back out in the last couple of weeks and it's sort of clicked some now I'm spinning and it's not instantly falling apart, and I've managed to spin two different colours and ply them together and it almost looks like yarn. Don't get me wrong, there are flaws, but for my first and second attempt I'm pretty happy with these. The one on the right looks awesome (I'm so modest) in the hank, but I know that the colour jumps are too abrupt because I how I spun it (I literally jumped from colour to colour). I'm slightly disappointed by the one on the left. It was a beautiful rainbow fibre, but because all of the colours are trying to blend together it's come out a little bit brown. If you look at it up close you can see the different colours in there, but at this distance it's come out a bit brown. What am I going to do with these? I have no idea! I'll think of something, and I need to choose my next fibre for spinning, I've already got a pretty massive stash, and it's less than 8 weeks to Yarndale, lucky I've been saving. I came home with a wheel last year, who knows that I'll come home with this year.

Sunday, 29 July 2018

I'm not good an evening photos

That fabric is a very light cream. I can't work out if it's my camera of my terrible photography, I suspect that it's my incredibly bad photography skills (at least I hope it is).
The Steampunk bookshelf doesn't look like much, but it's grown a bit. I didn't think this start through, I'm loving colour at the moment, and a whole lot of brown was not the right choice, but I'm getting there.
I do have lots of other things to show in the next few weeks, but nothing was up to my poor evening photography. I've done some dyeing in the last couple of weeks but I don't think it deserve to suffer that orange colouring (well some of it is awful and deserves to suffer, but not all of it.
I've picked my crochet up in the last couple of years, and the spinning wheel is out, but there really isn't anything to look at there yet.

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Woohoo and ooops

 I think you can probably guess what both parts of that title means, but lets do this in order. Firstly Aratama, woohoo, I've got my page finished already, I think this might be a new record for me, less than three weeks. Granted it was a nice easy page, with very little confetti, but a page finish is a finish, and I know that it's mostly pink and red, but there is a cream and orange patch on the left, and that is the beginning of her her beautiful kimono. It doesn't look beautiful yet, I am aware of that, but it will do, one day, quite probably any years from now, but beautiful is definitely there in potential.
Secondly, yes, we all knew how this was going to end up, especially with my complete and utter startitis (I've just been told that I've been stelling that wrong for many years) at the moment, look, it's a new start, and not just a new start, but a wholly massive new start. This is one of Aimee Stewart's truly humungous Bookshelves, this one is the steam punk one, and it is completely amazing, or again, it will be, one day, possibly when I retire if I'm honest, but I don't need to worry about that now, so it's fine.
Happy stitching!

Sunday, 15 July 2018

I'm not getting bored of the new starts yet...

Don't worry, it's not another new start, just yet... give me another couple of weeks though, I promise nothing. So far I've made a page of red, and I pretty much think that that is what it's going to be, a whole page full of red. But I'm flying through it, I reckon I might just have it finished by the end of the month. If you're interested this is Aratama by Haruyo Maorito, and I've recently fallen in love with all of their artwork. This is my Japan memory piece as one of the  most exciting things about the trip was meeting Tomit-suyu, a trainee geisha and I've been trying to find the right piece since then. I think I'll have to do everything released at some point, but this is my favourite.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

What could it be???

And here it is, another peg in the startitus board, another page that looks like absolutely nothing, but it makes me happy all the same.
And what could this be? Okay, at the moment I accept that it's just a splodge of pinky red, but I'm quite excited about this one, as this is my reminder of our trip to Japan project. It's beautiful.

Sunday, 1 July 2018


I got my page finish (and apparently managed to take it in weirdly pink light, but lets ignore that). I finished my page and as per usual stepped back and went, oooh, there it is, that's what I was stitching. I knew it was the bike, but I can't quite worked out how, look how shinny it is. I'd set myself the target of finishing the page by the end of the month, and I'm only one day off, so I'll take that as a win. Especially as I stupidly left all the confetti till last, which I never normally do, because I know it drives me insane!
So, new start next (woohoo for my stitching groups SAL theme this month), which one shall I pick, I have so many in mind.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

It's still a leg, but it also has an arm...

Do dragons have arms? I don't know what else to call it, as it's definitely not a wing (although they are there too), so I'm going to have to refer to it as an arm... and now that I think about it, I'd better hope he's got arms, or else how is he steering that motorbike? More accurately it's actually an elbow... yup, once again I've moved my nose more that four inches away from it, and suddenly the whole has come into focus.

I was planning on finishing his leg this week, but it hasn't quite happened, however I didn't plan on getting as much below his leg done as I have so it sort of evens out. As is often the case, all the colours in that little patch just below his belly are also in the silver and blue of the bike, so as they were out I did that bit as well, but it meant that the leg isn't quite done, but I'm on the last colour, so hopefully not much longer until it is... and then hopefully I'm not that far off a page finish (sssh, don't say it too loud)

And secondly, the crochet is back out (because this is the weather to be working on blankets, but never mind). I was slightly enviously watching people crocheting at my craft group last week and figured that it was definitely time for mine to come out. Sadly, the first thing I did was frog 13 rows of the project on the right, but I'm back on that now, and on the left is my third attempt at working out what to do with one of my many whirls. I like corner to corner blankets, so hopefully this is the one. We'll see what happens anyway.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Oh... it's a leg!

Those words actually came out of my mouth yesterday, I'd been stitching away with absolutely no idea what I was stitching. In my head I think it was part of the bike, it only clicked yesterday.
He's coming along, and, third week in a row and I'm not yet considering moving on, miracles happen!

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Green, so much green

He's not had a bad week, although I was actually hoping to be more productive than this, but all in all, not to bad at all. The bike is taking shape and there's a fair amount of green shmush for my little dragon dude as well. Hoping for a similarly productive week this week as well (famous last words).

Sunday, 3 June 2018

He's back again

My little dude is back out. I had intentions to be a lot more productive this weekend than I actually was, but you know me, I'm easily distracted, there are so many things I can pretend to do in an empty day.
I have managed to write a fair amount this weekend, I've nearly hit my monthly target already, I'm so proud, albeit it also slightly surprised. And as it's a new page it doesn't take much to make it look like I've achieved something, and two colours means that you can already see the shape of the page appearing.

Saturday, 26 May 2018

It's a miracle

Wednesday night when I went to bed, I hadn't touched this and I didn't think I was going to get anything done on this at all this week. Thursday evening I managed to get out of work a little earlier than I was expecting (still an hour after my shift finished, but earlier than I was expecting) and then Ben was late home, so I managed a bit of stitching and was thinking 'at least I'll have something to show this week.' Friday afternoon I had an hour to kill while waiting for a delivery and suddenly it was all coming together. This evening I was banned from the living room because Ben was organising something I'm not meant to see (it's our anniversary on Monday, so that's not as weird as it could have sounded) so I took my stitching and a dvd to the bedroom to work on it, and now it's the Champion's League final which I don't give a damn about but he loves, so that's a girl to do but stitch? So here's my page finish, technically it's two pages but they're only partials. And my needle minder illustrating for me as this still doesn't really look like anything (little clue, the needle minder is in the same order, this is the beginning of Sarah's skirt). So, page finish means these ladies get tucked away, and despite my startitus at the moment, if anyone has managed to get a grasp on my complicated rotation system will know that every third page is Dragon Rider, so the little dude is back out again.

Monday, 21 May 2018

A little more

I didn't get quite as much as I meant to done this week, I was hoping to have these two partial pages finished, but as per usual I have too many hobbies and therefore don't spend enough time on any of them. I had a full stitching day planned on Saturday, and I did get some done, but I got distracted by some colouring, which I haven't done in ages (wow I'm out of practice), and managed to get a little bit of writing done as well, which means this has not had the attention that I intended, but at least you can definitely see the difference between this weeks picture and last weeks. Not enough to be able to tell you what it is, but the needle minder is a pretty hefty clue on this occasion. And hopefully my free time will increase in the next few weeks, as this is my last five day week at work. So excited (and a little bit scared!)

Monday, 14 May 2018

Happy 500!

The title is mostly irrelevant, other than I've just noticed that this is my 500th post, which is a little scary... that means that I've been writing this for probably about 10 years.
Anyway... stitching... the issue with my major startitus is it means that I've got a lot of pictures that look like this at the moment, you can see that I've done some stitching, but you really can't see what it is that I'm making, and this is a perfect example of that. A lot of my projects seem to look like this, and not just that they look like nothing much, they all seem to have this pale streak from coming from the corner that could be just about anything. As per usual I'm going to play my childish game of not telling you what this is yet.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

I wasn't too ambitious!!!

For once in my life I wasn't too ambitious. I actually managed to achieve what I said I was going to, it's not often that I can say that.
The little cat is looking so cute, or, in theme with our recent trip, so kawaii, look at him sleeping and looking cute.
Anyway, I was a bit concerned about the light blue around the outline, it does look a little odd up close in this picture, but when you take a step it makes much more sense.
So, startitus is still controlling my life, what could possibly be coming next?

Sunday, 29 April 2018

I'm back!

Excuse the radio silence, we've been away. We went to Japan which was my absolute bucket list trip and our trip of a life time for our honeymoon. It was an amazing trip (and I will put up some pics and stories at some point if people are interested)  but it does mean that I haven't really been able to do any stitching. We got back about a week and a half ago, and Thursday was the first time I've managed to pick my stitching up. I've got a little bit to show, I'm so close to finishing her shoe off, and her knee is also now complete. I'm going to optimistically say that I'll finish it this week (hahaha) but I've got a couple of mid week days off this week, so it's looking hopefully.
Hope everyone has had a good month in my absence and happy stitching!

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Too ambitious by far

I knew I was being too ambitious about where I wanted to be when I next posted on this, why do I do that to myself? It's been busy at work again, so I've been leaving a bit late, and that's cutting in to my stitching time. I've got a bit to show though, the toe of her sneaker and her elbow are more complete than they were at least. I'll try and be more productive next time.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

It's not a cheat...

It's not that I've been working on a project other than Celara before I got my page finish, it's more that this project is much more portable and so it goes to craft group with me, or comes out when I don't want to pull my frame out with boxes of thread. And as I've got a room (staircase?) finish, I figured now was a good time to post an update on it. I really need to go back to the throne room, I don't know why I seem to be avoiding it, so, hopefully by next (distant) post on this project will be the throne room finish!

Sunday, 25 March 2018

A little bit more

Nothing very exciting this week I'm afraid, a bit more sneaker, a bit more of her jeans and a bit more back ground, it's all very exciting! Next I'm aiming to finish off her sneakers, hopefully her jeans and do the shading around the edge of her, so that's all that left for background is filling in. As per usual I'm probably being much too ambitious, but it's fun to aim for things huh!

Sunday, 18 March 2018

I didn't cheat!

Tenting, oh how I love thee, let me count the ways...
I know, I said I wasn't going to work on the cat first, I was going to be good and work methodically, but it turns out that working methodically actually meant doing quite a lot of him, as it turns out that the colours in Celara's sneakers and the colours in his fur are very similar, so I finished the red/brown of  Celara's shoe and ended up doing lots of cute fur at the same time, of the hardship!
Once again I'm loving how this is making up and seeing it come together so quickly (and not just because it's tented), and once again, when I step back to take the picture I see the details better than I do when I'm working on it.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

New start... like it's a surprise

We all knew it was going to happen, here's my shinny new start, and I love that it's looking like something already, it makes me so happy when I have something to show that actually looks like something. It does to me anyway, I'm hoping that isn't just because I know what I'm looking for. If not, picture someone sitting cross legged, here is a sneaker, a knee, a cute little cat and an elbow. I am so tempted to work on the cat first, but I'm being good and working upwards. Below is a picture of what this will look like in the dark and distant future. This is artwork by a fantastic American artist called Karen Hallion (link here), as this picture shows she does some fantastic geeky artwork, and this is her character called Celara. Karen was generous enough to give me permission to have some of her artwork charted, and this was one of the ones I picked as it's got several of my favourites in in. As with everything, it'll be months (haha - years) before it's finished, but at least she is already looking like something, I'm much keener to work on something when I can see it (her in this case) progressing. I should say by the way, this was charted for me by the lovely Stitchpix.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Page finish - a whole one!

Second page finish of the year, seeing as I only managed four page finishes in the entirety of 2017 (and I'm being quite generous in those descriptions, most were small pages and barely deserve that tile), then 2 pages already is quite an achievement, I'm so proud! Especially as this is Dragon Rider, and we all know what a love hate relationship I have with this. And guess what, this is the 11th page finish on him, out of 21 pages, so in a technical sense, I'm over half way, and the maths is boggling my head at this time in the evening, but I think even though some are  partial pages and some are full pages, I'm still officially over half way through. If I can vaguely stick to me stitching plans for this (and I'm certainly more optimistic that I was last year), then I'm hoping to get three more pages done on this throughout the year. If I do manage it then that'll be the most attention he's ever had in one year. Parts of my (overly complicated) rotation are still in place, and once I get over my startitus the full rotation will be back into effect... Although I'm not admitting to how far off that could potentially be. So, with that in mind, a page finish means time to move on to a new project, I've just admitted to startitus, what could my next post be about.
Happy stitching!

Sunday, 25 February 2018

So close...

Having not had a chance to work on this dude last week, I suddenly seem to have achieved a lot this week. I was hoping to have this page finished by today, but it hasn't quite happened. I should be done by next week though, which will mean that I will have managed a two pages in two months. I'm on track, for a page a month, and I'm going to enjoy that feeling while it briefly lasts.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

A small spiral

Due to very little free time this week, unfortunately Dragon Rider has had no love, I promise it's a time thing and not that I'm getting annoyed with him. As I don't have anything to show for Dragon Rider, I thought I'd show what little progress I have to show on Cut Thru Castle from craft group a couple of weeks. Hopefully I'll get a bit of Dragon Rider done this week and I'll have some actual progress to show again.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

He's still surviving

He's still holding on, I think I should actually finish this page (shhh, don't say it too loudly). I meant to finish the green off, but that didn't quite happen, and I seem to have done a lot of wing instead, but he's growing and that's the best thing at the moment, and I'm showing actual progress each week which is also a miracle at the moment. I will continue and I will finish the page.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Three weeks and counting

I'm hanging on and so is he, and I have actual progress to show, look, the sky is finished, I'm so proud. I'm actually still getting on with him pretty well, however, a couple of other charts are absolutely begging me to start them. I've got a couple of bespoke charts that I got done recently that really want my attention, and a friend gave me a gorgeous Hocus Pocus needle minder a few days ago, and it's reminded me that I have a Hocus Pocus chart that would be such fun to start as well. But I'm trying to be good and keep working on this dude until the page finish, let's see how much longer I can last!

Sunday, 28 January 2018

He's survived onto his second week

We all know that I don't always have the best relationship with Dragon Rider, so every week that he manages to stay on the frame is another miracle. The target I set myself was to finish the moon, that didn't happen, but I have done bits that weren't included in that so it sort of evens out. I've managed to pick a couple of colours that actually give the page some shape to work from. I haven't had much time this week, so the fact that I've achieved this much is an absolute miracle, most days this week I've got home late from work had dinner and gone to bed, so my poor stitching (and consequently sanity) have suffered a little bit. I'm going to be (probably overly) optimistic and aim to have the sky finished by this time next week, so let's see how laughably far off that I am, especially as I've also got a couple of pieces of crochet that I want to work on next week. Also, I just sent a new pattern off to be printed, how long do we think I can last until I cave in?

Sunday, 21 January 2018

He's back (again)

Having only managed half a page last year, I said I was going to be good and try to show some actual progress on Dragon Rider last year, so here I am, trying to make good on that, my first colour on my first page is done. It's not much, but it's all a step in the right direction. And I reckon I only need to spend two more weeks on this to equal last years entire progress,s o hopefully I can make a really dent on this this year. I'm aiming for four pages, although I suspect that that is a little bit ambitious, knowing what I'm usually like. Watch this space!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

A page finish already!?!?!

Technically this is two pages, but seeing as one page is just the bottom two rows, I really don't think that it can be classified as two page finishes... it only just counts as one. It doesn't look like much, it's mostly just pretty swirls at the moment, but I'm proud of how much I've managed to get done this week. The next couple of weeks won't see as much progress (even vaguely), but I'm looking good for a couple of weeks time... so, who do you think is coming out to play next? 
Secondly my colourful blanket continues to be colourful... buying new colours for this is a little bit addictive now... I almost certainly have more than I need, but every time I see something pretty... and I want to include as many different dyers as possible!

Sunday, 7 January 2018

New Year...

And you know what that means. It must be time for a new start, and I seem to have accidentally had two, but their in different crafts, so it doesn't count as two new starts really! First up is my stitching start, this is one that had been on this list for a few months, and it fits in quite nicely with this months SAL subject with a group (it's almost as that I got to choose what order the SAL subjects were in). The SAL subject is love, and this is Princess Bride by Medusa Dollmaker from Geckorouge. And what says love more than a book/film about Twoo Wove? Also, our weddings rings have the words 'As you wish' engraved inside them, so it's love for so many reasons, and I love it.
Secondly is my crochet new start. This was last years blanket club from For the Love of Yarn, but I didn't want to start it until I had all of them so I could work out what order I wanted to do teh stripes in. It will get brighter as it goes on, I've gone for pretty much a rainbow theme, but there were a few greys to start with, it sort of makes sense when you see it, I hope so anyway. There may be another blanket start as this years blanket club will come in rainbow order so I can start it sooner. Also, I'm still debating one other blanket, there is a chance that I have a slight problem.