Friday, 28 December 2018

Resolutions: Reviewing 2018 and planning 2019

So, let's start with the hilarity, how did I do with last year's resolutions?

So, here were my 2018 targets:

Princess Bride x 1 - Done
Dragon Rider x 4 3 pages, so that's pretty good for me
Heather Theuruer x 1 – not charted yet
Ex Machina x 1 nope
Cara Mia x 1 I think what I've done probably adds up to two pages
Cloudsfactory x 1 nope
Heroes and Heroines x 1 nope
Family Values x 1 nope
Ice Queen x 1 nope

Not planned
Hocus Pocus x 1 page
Karen Hallion x 1 page
Aratama x 1 page
Heather x 1 (ish) page
Steampunk bookshelf x 1 page
Cut Thru Castle x 2 pages

2 blankets (I'd like more, but I'm being realistic, I've got 5 in mind) 1 and a bit, also closer than I normally manage
A bit more of the virus shawl - nope
A Whirl shawl/scarf - I've started three different patterns so far, and not liked any of them
Start a toft project nope

Rest of my life:
Yet another attempt at 200 a day -133, possibly my best yet, but still not achieved
Improve my time per mile on my run (I currently sit about 12.30) and try to run more of my route (which will help my average time). nope, it did improve, but then it got worse again due to a lack of will power and then time
Build up (or, you know, start) Geek Girl Yarns. nope - sadly GGY has had to take a back seat as I've gone back to full time and Monday to Friday at work so I don't have the time to dye

So, what overly fantastical ideas shall I come up with for my 2019 targets?

Dragon Rider - 4 pages
Cut Thru's for my Geek (God) Daughters - 4 pages
Ex-Machina - 1 page
Cloudsfactory SAL - 1 page (finish the damn border)
Heroes & Heroines - 1 page
1 new start (yet to be decided), probably a new year start, so I really ought to decide soon - 1 page
Generally try to move stuff along and get over (at least a little bit) my startitus

Crochet and other yarny persuits:
2 blankets
1 toft project
Make something out of something that I've spun
Make my spinning more consistent and least breaky

Try to hit 200 words a day, try to write more consistently (as in regularly, my writing style isn't good enough to classify as consistent)
Start running again and try to get back to 12.30 miles
Get back into Pole and Flexibilty and actually manage to achieve something, I'm not even that fussy about what.
Try to bring my weight down a bit (although hopefully the two above will achieve that), although within reason I'm not too bothered about weight, more about body shape
Read at least 24 books, reduce the monster 'To Read' heap in our bedroom - we're actually running out of floor space

As I'm now working set hours at work I'm hoping to be able to plan my life a bit more and actually achieve things because of it, but we'll see what happens I guess.


Babs said...

Good luck with your goals

Claudette497 said...

I love your goals! I'm right at 13 on the mile but I'm aiming to get to 12 next year; they say the slower you are the easier it is to improve, so I'll cling to that. Best of luck to you - I'll be cheering you on!

Unknown said...

Good luck for 2019. You did lots of pages in 2018. Congrats on that. Happy new year and happy stitching!!!

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