Saturday, 25 February 2017

He returns!

Dragon Rider has returned, I have temporarily stopped sulking with him, so he's getting a bit of love, I am determined that this page will be finished before I put him away, and after quite a good week this week, i'm hoping to get another good week this week coming, although I won't have as much time this week, but just a noticeable difference will make me happy.  This is page 10, and there are 21 altogether, so, after six years, I'm nearly half way through home, that is not a good record. But he is now my focus piece, so hopefully the second half won't take me quite as long, but I'm not quite as hopeful as I should be.
Second is the Granny Starbursts, which I do rather like the colour combo of. I'm trying to be organised and make them in order, so all the centres, all of round two, etc. So I'm currently in the process of making lost of tiny yellow circles. I have also realised that I'm going to have to take the white off the three that I've done. If I'm going to join as I go, doing the white was a mistake.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

I surrender

I've finally accepted defeat and accepted that the lure of Dragon Rider has become stronger than the lure of Belle, as beautiful as she is. I do still love her, but I don't have a very long attention span, and combined with the fact that I've had very little free time over the last few weeks so haven't really had a chance to work on her, I've got it into my head that it's time to move on, and poor Dragon Rider has been around for years, so he's always worthy of a bit more love and attention. 
Secondly I've started a new baby blanket, I ummed and ahhed over these colours for a while, but am finally happy with them, although there are  still a couple of different ideas that I'm playing with for how to lay the blanket out. This is the Granny Sunburst square (I used Bella Coco's tutorial) in King Cole Cherished

Monday, 13 February 2017

Beauty and the...

Quick update this week. I don't have much to show, what I do have to show was done on Sunday evening, I haven't picked up a needle or a hook all week. I can't work out if I'm on the wane on this one, or if it's just because I've been busy and tired, but once that idea starts to settle in my head a project doesn't tend to stay out for much longer. I'm sure it'll be out again soon is she does go away though.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Bits and bats

The title says it all really, here are all of the things that I have been distracted by this week... that's where I seem to be at at the moment, I never have a week of working on just one thing, I flit about a lot. Firstly is not something I'm making, it's just very pretty. I signed up for the For The Love of Yarn blanket club this year, and my first months arrived this week. I'm completely in love with the colours. I haven't decided what pattern to go with yet, I have to admit I'm not a massive fan of the pattern that came with it, so as soon as I decide what I'm going to do with it... yeah yeah, we all know I've got way too many projects on the go, but it's so pretty and I love owning them, and I'll debate over patterns and probably end up going for old faithful anyway... watch this space, you never know, I might start something.

Second up, I finished the hat, I'm so happy. It also means that I have one less obligation piece on the go, which means that I'm one step closed to working on something that I actually want to work on. The frog hat is already winging his way towards a new home, and I am debating whether to work on a blanket that I want to work on (a couple of options, see pretty yarn above, or I'm also signed up for Attic24's Moorland CAL, which I haven't started yet, and am probably going to use a different pattern for... see if you can guess which pattern I'm going to go for.
And finally, this ladies haven't seen the light of day since the end of 2013, but I pulled them out for a SAL this month, where the theme is 'closest to finishing'. I'm not close to finishing anything, but mathmatically this probably have the least stitches required to finish it. This is from Soda Stitch, and is quite cute actually.