Sunday, 9 May 2010

Unnecessarily organised

Last weeks update, this was all done last Monday while Ben was still away and while watching Series 2 of The Avengers (I'd forgotten just how wonderful that series is, although 4 & 5 were by far the best with Emma Peel).
I can see a big difference between this and my last picture, although whether other people will be able to I'm less sure, here's a clue, the white flowers are now completely white rather than not being finished. Think I'll have to chose a brighter colour to stitch next so that you can actually see some progress on it.
Apart from that I've not done much stitching this week, didn't get my stitching evening on Wednesday as I've got roped into helping out with the regional Guides centenary celebrations for Yorkshire, and there was a meeting on Wednesday which lasted most of the evening.
Other than that I've only had one other time for cross stitch, decided to do some last night, but wasn't in the mood to work on a big project (very unlike me, normally I always like big projects) so I decided to start on my Christmas cards, how freakily organised it that? I hasten to add that I'm not actually that organised, I just didn't want to unpack a big project but fancied stitching, and happened to have a pack made up for Christmas stitching from when I went away a while back.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Bank holiday Monday - woo!

Another update, and still all my fingers are intact, so it's all good.
I was pretty productive yesterday, and she's looking really good now, even if I do say so myself. Making real progress and if I really get my head down, I could probably get this finished before we go on holiday in June, four weeks? I think that's about do-able.
It also means that I've achieved one of my targets for this weekend which is good, not convinced that I'm going to achieve my second target of getting first page of Winter's Majesty complete, but I'll give it a shot, although I'm thinking that, aslong as the rain holds off (it was lovely when I got up, now it's going grey) I might go into town and do a little shopping first.
Talking of targets, I typed up the writing I did Saturday night yesterday, the principal of the writing was sound, the writing itself is going to need some serious work in the light of day, for instance in one paragraph I killed her mother twice, which strikes me as a little harsh!
Anyway, off I go to get some exercise then some breakfast (got to make up for what was a rather stationery day yesterday somehow), then check teh weather to see if I'm going to chance a walk out before settling to another day of stitching. Hope everyone who's got one is having a lovely bank holiday monday.
And it finish on a random note, last night I dreamt I twisted my ankle (train tunnel a la Railway Children), when I woke up this morning it took me a few minutes to realise that I was limping, I wasn't in pain, I was simply limping because my brain remembered me twisting it - how odd!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Weekend to myself

Another week another update. She's coming on quite well now. Ben's away this weekend, so I've got lots of stitching planned (and thus far there has been absolutely no blood, although I still have 48 hours to go so I probably shouldn't tempt fate). I have lots of targets for this weekend of peace and quiet (well, three anyway). I want to get this page finished, which is perfectly do-able, I'm also hoping to get the page of Winter's Majesty finished, although that may be a little optimistic, and I'm also planning on getting some writing done. I did do a little last night (why does my brain think that midnight is a good moment to get inspired?) I gave in around 1 o'clock and went to sleep mainly because the words were starting to swim infront of my eyes, so technically I have already completed one target, although I'd like to write more than a page and a half, especially as that's hand written, so it's barely any word count at all so far! On that subject, thank you KittyCat for your comment, I've decided to go with the George Boleyn idea.
Also, this isn't something I've done this weekend, if I made these while in the flat on my own I'd then eat them on my own, and that would waste the time that I've just spent exercising this morning. But I'm quite proud of my 99 cupcakes, so I thought I'd share them.