Sunday, 9 May 2010

Unnecessarily organised

Last weeks update, this was all done last Monday while Ben was still away and while watching Series 2 of The Avengers (I'd forgotten just how wonderful that series is, although 4 & 5 were by far the best with Emma Peel).
I can see a big difference between this and my last picture, although whether other people will be able to I'm less sure, here's a clue, the white flowers are now completely white rather than not being finished. Think I'll have to chose a brighter colour to stitch next so that you can actually see some progress on it.
Apart from that I've not done much stitching this week, didn't get my stitching evening on Wednesday as I've got roped into helping out with the regional Guides centenary celebrations for Yorkshire, and there was a meeting on Wednesday which lasted most of the evening.
Other than that I've only had one other time for cross stitch, decided to do some last night, but wasn't in the mood to work on a big project (very unlike me, normally I always like big projects) so I decided to start on my Christmas cards, how freakily organised it that? I hasten to add that I'm not actually that organised, I just didn't want to unpack a big project but fancied stitching, and happened to have a pack made up for Christmas stitching from when I went away a while back.

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Kttycat said...

Can't wait to see this one finished shes really pretty. But it does look like your moving her along quickly!