Sunday, 2 May 2010

Weekend to myself

Another week another update. She's coming on quite well now. Ben's away this weekend, so I've got lots of stitching planned (and thus far there has been absolutely no blood, although I still have 48 hours to go so I probably shouldn't tempt fate). I have lots of targets for this weekend of peace and quiet (well, three anyway). I want to get this page finished, which is perfectly do-able, I'm also hoping to get the page of Winter's Majesty finished, although that may be a little optimistic, and I'm also planning on getting some writing done. I did do a little last night (why does my brain think that midnight is a good moment to get inspired?) I gave in around 1 o'clock and went to sleep mainly because the words were starting to swim infront of my eyes, so technically I have already completed one target, although I'd like to write more than a page and a half, especially as that's hand written, so it's barely any word count at all so far! On that subject, thank you KittyCat for your comment, I've decided to go with the George Boleyn idea.
Also, this isn't something I've done this weekend, if I made these while in the flat on my own I'd then eat them on my own, and that would waste the time that I've just spent exercising this morning. But I'm quite proud of my 99 cupcakes, so I thought I'd share them.

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Kttycat said...

oooh they look yummy!