Sunday, 29 June 2014

Oh look, some grey!

What is wrong with me? Whenever I get this project out to work on I get all excited about the lovely colours in me, then I work on the grey background... hopefully I've only got another week or so on the grey progress then I might actually get round to some colour... but she's going away again after only a week <sob> she was a break from some gifts that I have to work on and it's time to get back to them already!

Friday, 20 June 2014

The presents grow

I've done a fair bit on this one know, enough that it's actually starting to resemble something... gotta love the back stitch on Bothy kits, it's simple to do (unlike some I could name *cough* Tatty Ted *cough*) and it makes such a difference to the project, suddenly everything comes together and looks so cute!

Secondly is Together Forever, which is lovely, I'm enjoying working on it but I wish I could get a decent picture on it. I had to use the flash for this one and it bleaches my lovely fabric and the lovely hand-dyed thread on the balloon and her flower as well... I'll have to get a picture on bright midday sunlight at some point and see if I get anything better.

In other news, is anyone having problems with blogger at the moment? I go on to read all the blogs that I'm following, and it only shows me one blog, it doesn't matter how many times I click read more, only one pops up!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Actual progress

This week I am mostly blogging about projects that I'm working on as gifts. First up is Animal Fayre by Bothy threads, which, thanks to the trunk, is starting to actually look like an elephant. I have to admit that I've had to force myself to work on this, not because I'm not enjoying working on it, I always enjoy bothy projects, it's more because I'm really enjoying the other project that I've been working on this week 

Which is this one. This is Together Forever by Love Thy Thread. The chart is only designed to have two colours in it. The outline in black and the balloons in red. While hunting out some fabric for this I found some pretty hand dyed threads so I decided that they'd make really cute balloons instead.The light isn't great and the colour in her flowers has come out looking a little grey, it's actually pale blue fading into pale pink. I'm hoping that will be more obvious when I work a larger area of it for the balloon. My second balloon, held by the groom, is a much bolder colour, so I'm not worried about how that one will come out at all. It looks lovely in life, it just doesn't photograph very well!

Friday, 6 June 2014

And finally...

Check it out, I finally managed it, I finally got my page finish, and I'm very happy with it, because I can suddenly see it coming together, I can see the plant pot and the beginning of flowers. I know that floor looks a little grainy at the moment, but lets be honest, this is a tiny part off the whole picture and isn't designed to be looked at this close. I love this piece, the shading and colours are beautiful, but it's now going away so that I can work on something else for a while!
 Next, I realised that I've managed a fair bit on Noah's Ark since I last posted, although this still isn't a page finish. There's some lovely sparkles on this page, but it's almost impossible to get a good picture of sparkles!
And what do we have here? A new start? Oops! Once again, I can justify it. Some friends have recently announced that they're having their second baby, and I did a sampler for the first, so I can't not do something for the second. Doesn't look like much yet though does it? It'll be lovely and bright and quite cute eventually though!