Friday, 20 June 2014

The presents grow

I've done a fair bit on this one know, enough that it's actually starting to resemble something... gotta love the back stitch on Bothy kits, it's simple to do (unlike some I could name *cough* Tatty Ted *cough*) and it makes such a difference to the project, suddenly everything comes together and looks so cute!

Secondly is Together Forever, which is lovely, I'm enjoying working on it but I wish I could get a decent picture on it. I had to use the flash for this one and it bleaches my lovely fabric and the lovely hand-dyed thread on the balloon and her flower as well... I'll have to get a picture on bright midday sunlight at some point and see if I get anything better.

In other news, is anyone having problems with blogger at the moment? I go on to read all the blogs that I'm following, and it only shows me one blog, it doesn't matter how many times I click read more, only one pops up!


Linda said...

Great progress on both. I'm not liking anything about this computer right now.


Shebafudge said...

I can't believe you can say that about Tatty Teddy kits. Who doesn't love trying to work out exactly which thread to split to get the exact angle of that line? I think having a Tatty Teddy kit for her first ever nearly put my Rachael off cross stitch for life! I do like the back stitch on Bothy Threads designs though, it really brings things to life. Lovely stitching!

Tiki said...

Everything looks great. I think Blogger is being very nice to you. Usually after it tells me it can't complete the connection(to the page I see under the pop up box) it tells me I'm not following anyone at all.

The Crafty Princess said...

Wow Kim they both look great. I love the cheeky monkey! He's fantastic. And yes I'm having alot of dramas with blogger atm. But I've been away from my beloved home PC for a month now and can only access blogs when I'm at work which is on a limited server, so not sure if it's blogger or my crappy work network.
xo Alicia