Sunday, 26 July 2015

Hey look, a week of finishes or sorts

First up, I finished the dress, woohoo, so here's a pic of us before we headed out to LFCC for the day. It was good fun, and the dress stayed intact for the entire day, which is some kind of miracle. There isn't a single photo of me on my own, so this is me with the very talented Steffi who is an amazing Elsa, amongst other things.
Also, this is interesting. The SyFy channel does a SyFy Fan Cam and it's kinda cool, even for the unphotogenic like me, just because it's fascinating to have that frozen shot from all angles. You can find Steffi and I's shot here.
I'm already planning my next costume (it may be a little bit addictive), although this time I intend for there to be a lot less sewing involved.
Secondly, I managed to finish my third page of Heroes and Heroines, which means that I have moved onto another (new) project. I love how this is stitching up but after three pages I was starting to wane, so I've moved on before I lose the love, Next up, ExMachina, but I'll be back t this very soon as I do absolutely love it!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

So close...

I was aiming for a page finish this week, but as you can see that hasn't quite happened, although I am quite close, and the staircase is definitely starting to look more like a staircase, rather than just random stripes.
Also, the fact that I'm back working on this means that the dress must be finished! It is, I'm so relieved! I'll try and get a decent picture of the finished article some time this weekend and so hopefully I'll have something to show what it looked like but next week!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

I miss my cross stitch, but...

... the Belle dress is nearly finished. This picture is incredibly unflattering (and may well be the first time that my face has appeared on my own blog) and bodice is inside out and held together almost entirely by pins, but, it kinda looks like a dress. I'm actually much further on than this, having spent the entire of today stabbing myself with a needle (it turns out that the fact that I cross stitch most days does not mean that I am any good with a needle, I have visible stab marks). The top is now almost complete, I've just had to order eyelets and a little tool having discovered that I don't have everything to do that with, but it's quite sad how proud of myself I am for achieving this, and it's also quite sad how much I've missed my actual stitching, but hopefully I can now get back to it.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

I'm so slow!

I am loving working on this, but progress has been a bit slow this week, as I've been concentrating on other things, but you can kinda see the stairs taking shape.

And this is what's distracting me. You've seen some of the progress pictures on the bodice, here's my first shot of the skirt to go with it. It was laughably large at this point (ie I could fit a friend into the waistband with me - we tested, and it was dragging on the floor, I'm short but I'm not that short) but I have now elasticated the waitsband so it's all rouched and I've started taking it up so it's now ankle length, but I'll be honest, I don't have the energy to try and take a decent shot tonight, and hopefully it means that I'll have something to show next week. All my time is going on this right now because I've suddenly realised that I've only got two weeks left to finish it, so my stitching has fallen by the wayside a bit, and it turns out that I really miss my stitching. But, the sooner this is done, the sooner I can get back to it, and I wil be really proud of myself if this turns out even vaguely recognisable. And as it's all hand sewn (I really must get a sewing machine) I'll also be really proud of myself if it holds together for the entire day.
And I've already got an idea what my next costume should be, and this time I might be able to convince Ben to join in. He was debating this time, but I think I've lost :-(

Thursday, 2 July 2015

June re-cap

If I say so myself, June has been a surprisingly productive month, I'm quite proud of myself.

I've started my bodice for my Comicon outfit, this is draft three, and it almost fits, so I'm getting there.

This is where Family Values by Paul Kidby, charted by Paine Free Crafts started the month

And I finished the month with a page finish, so I'll take that for a win.

Heather as she started the month

And Heather how she finished the stitching retreat. Not as much as I was intending, somehow I got distracted with all that chatting instead.

This was a new start this month, Heroes and Heroines by Aimee Stewart from HAED. That chart is 104 pages, so this is the first three pages, two partials, and I'm now working on my first full page, this is a bit of a long term project.