Sunday, 26 July 2015

Hey look, a week of finishes or sorts

First up, I finished the dress, woohoo, so here's a pic of us before we headed out to LFCC for the day. It was good fun, and the dress stayed intact for the entire day, which is some kind of miracle. There isn't a single photo of me on my own, so this is me with the very talented Steffi who is an amazing Elsa, amongst other things.
Also, this is interesting. The SyFy channel does a SyFy Fan Cam and it's kinda cool, even for the unphotogenic like me, just because it's fascinating to have that frozen shot from all angles. You can find Steffi and I's shot here.
I'm already planning my next costume (it may be a little bit addictive), although this time I intend for there to be a lot less sewing involved.
Secondly, I managed to finish my third page of Heroes and Heroines, which means that I have moved onto another (new) project. I love how this is stitching up but after three pages I was starting to wane, so I've moved on before I lose the love, Next up, ExMachina, but I'll be back t this very soon as I do absolutely love it!


Heather said...

Nice stitching and congrats on the costume! I love the 360 cam

Bea said...

You and your costume look great! Nice progress on H & H.

Neilteil said...

You look gorgeous in your costume, as does your friend! :)

Pull the other thread said...

Great costumes!! Love your stitching progress as well.

Tiki said...

Great costume and stitching.

The Crafty Princess said...

WOW that SyFy Fan Cam is totally freaking cool!! I couldn't stop watching you twirling around. Well I had to eventually cos it got a little dizzying LOL!
You and Elsa look great!

Heroes looks fantastic. Yep I don't blame you for moving on though. You've done extremely well to get 3 pages out in a row. Great job!

Have fun with ExMachina
xo Alicia

gominam said...

Great progress! You look so cute in your costume:) Looking forward to that next costume!

Keebles said...

The dress is AH-MAZ-ING! How cool!

What's scary about that is that is three pages and it's barely a corner! Crazy!

rosey175 said...

Congrats on completing your awesome costume~! You did very well since the dress stayed together the whole day haha. :D