Saturday, 1 August 2015

A bit of a mish mash

 As this titles suggests, I've got lots of little bits to show this week, I've been crocheting quite a lot, partially because of circumstances, and partially because I hurt my arm and was put on a stitching ban by my chiropractor/other half.
Firstly I've finished the basic bulk of my twiddlemuff, this is the first thing I've ever crocheted, so I'm quite proud of it, especially as I only had a knitting pattern to work from. This was partially an experiment, it's not quite turned out how I was planning, but it's kinda worked. I went for a looser stitch on the top layer so you could see the other colour through it but I should have gone for a more contrasting colour on the underlayer because you can't see it that well. I've also realised that I should have crocheted in the round because you can't see my terrible join on here. I was only planning on making one, but because I can see ways of doing it better I am now debating a second one just to see if my improvements would work. I just need to bling this one up to finish it.

 Second up is my first attempt at corner to corner. I had a couple of longish train journeys ahead of me so this seemed like a nice portable project with me. I literally learnt how to C2C about two hours before we left for the train (I had to find a left handed idiots guide). I rather like how it's turning out though, loving the colours on the yarn.
Finally, as promised, I started Ex Machina by Cris Ortega. Unfortunately due to my dodgy neck/shoulder, this is all I've managed in a week and a half, which is slow, even my my standards.I woke up a week and a half ago with a trapped nerve in my neck, and have to say that I've never felt pain like it. Thankfully my other half is a chiropractor and helped me through it, but I'm just waiting for the damage to heal now, and it turns out that I'm particularly bad at that, also I was back in work after two days and it turns out that sitting at a desk for nine hours a day doesn't really help matters.
Anyway, I do love this chart, I just hope I can work on it a bit more in the up coming weeks. While writing this the floor stand that I finally gave in and ordered arrived so we've just constructed that, and I'm hoping it'll make stitching a bit easier at the moment, and also mean that I injure myself a little less regularly because I do ruin my neck and back quite regularly, I'm just lucky that other half can mend me just as regularly.!


Linda said...

Your crocheting is lovely. You are doing a great job. Love your new start.


Bea said...

LOVE the colours in C2C! Take good care of yourself and I hope you are mended quickly.

rosey175 said...

Your crocheting adventure is amazing! I started with a potholder lol. The colors in C2C really are beautiful; they feel like a sunset!

I can't believe you weren't using a floor stand after all this time on those HaEDs! I have a not-so-great one that isn't comfortable to use for long times but my wrists would never accept that much weight! I am sure you'll enjoy the stand very very much and find you fly along with stitching (like you don't already lol).