Wednesday, 5 August 2015

July re-cap

When I was thinking about this months re-cap I was a bit disappointed that I hadn't achieved much, but now that I've pulled the pictures I realise that things have happened.

I finished the Belle dress, and more importantly it survived the day, I was so excited, and proud!

Heroes and Heroines as it started the month

And I got the page finish for the end of the month

And my crochet had returned, and more importantly I'm starting to actually work out what I'm actually doing and how to make things.
So, I've started a corner to corner scarf, which I'm rather liking the effect of in variegated wool

And I finally finished the twidle muff, woohoo!


Linda said...

Lovely projects.


sharine said...

You have had a very busy month! You look great in your dress and I love the corner to corner scarf:)

Bea said...

You actually accomplished a lot this month - well done!

Heather said...

Lovely progress :)

Elisa M. said...

Oh lovely progress :)