Saturday, 29 August 2015

I Scream, You Scream, We all scream for...

I've finished my first page and I love her. I admitted to Kimberley from Gecko Rouge earlier that when I'd done the first two snowflakes (where I posted last week) that I wasn't convinced by the charting, they seemed to faint that you could hardly see them and I was a bit worried that that was what they were all going to be like. But now I see the page coming together with the other colours and see how they look within the page I really like them and it. I admit, not much to see yet, but I love how she's stitching up!

Friday, 21 August 2015

Ice Queen from Gecko Rouge

I've not managed to get a very good picture of this, due to the lighting and my own impatience. This is a beautiful piece, so far I've mostly stitched grey (with a tiny bit of blue) so it really doesn't look like anything.
However, please believe me that this will be beautiful, there's a picture quite a way down on the right bar if you want a look of what she'll look like.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Page finish and oops, how did that happen?

 I got the page finish on Ex Machina by Cris Ortega, loving how it's stitching up, although I'm only now starting to realise what a world of brown I've let myself in to with this. Was really excited to see this released though, so loving working on it.
Having said that I did get distracted by a new start this week. I know, my whole 'no new starts this year' has turned into a complete bust. However I recently discovered and fell in love with some of GeckoRouge's designs. This small grey line has grown slightly in size since I took this, it's now three stitches high, but I'm aware that it looks like nothing yet. One day, in the dark and distant future this will turn into Ice Queen by Medusa Dollmaker from Geckorouge, and I've got my eye on a couple more.

Friday, 7 August 2015

I've managed to get a little bit more done on Ex Machina, my stitching ban is slowly being lifted, I can get a little bit done at a time, and I'm trying to put my little bits of time to good use. I've finished the first colour of my first page of Ex Machina, I'm so happy! I love this chart and it's so sad that I'm not being able to progress like I'd like to. I'll get there one day.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

July re-cap

When I was thinking about this months re-cap I was a bit disappointed that I hadn't achieved much, but now that I've pulled the pictures I realise that things have happened.

I finished the Belle dress, and more importantly it survived the day, I was so excited, and proud!

Heroes and Heroines as it started the month

And I got the page finish for the end of the month

And my crochet had returned, and more importantly I'm starting to actually work out what I'm actually doing and how to make things.
So, I've started a corner to corner scarf, which I'm rather liking the effect of in variegated wool

And I finally finished the twidle muff, woohoo!

Saturday, 1 August 2015

A bit of a mish mash

 As this titles suggests, I've got lots of little bits to show this week, I've been crocheting quite a lot, partially because of circumstances, and partially because I hurt my arm and was put on a stitching ban by my chiropractor/other half.
Firstly I've finished the basic bulk of my twiddlemuff, this is the first thing I've ever crocheted, so I'm quite proud of it, especially as I only had a knitting pattern to work from. This was partially an experiment, it's not quite turned out how I was planning, but it's kinda worked. I went for a looser stitch on the top layer so you could see the other colour through it but I should have gone for a more contrasting colour on the underlayer because you can't see it that well. I've also realised that I should have crocheted in the round because you can't see my terrible join on here. I was only planning on making one, but because I can see ways of doing it better I am now debating a second one just to see if my improvements would work. I just need to bling this one up to finish it.

 Second up is my first attempt at corner to corner. I had a couple of longish train journeys ahead of me so this seemed like a nice portable project with me. I literally learnt how to C2C about two hours before we left for the train (I had to find a left handed idiots guide). I rather like how it's turning out though, loving the colours on the yarn.
Finally, as promised, I started Ex Machina by Cris Ortega. Unfortunately due to my dodgy neck/shoulder, this is all I've managed in a week and a half, which is slow, even my my standards.I woke up a week and a half ago with a trapped nerve in my neck, and have to say that I've never felt pain like it. Thankfully my other half is a chiropractor and helped me through it, but I'm just waiting for the damage to heal now, and it turns out that I'm particularly bad at that, also I was back in work after two days and it turns out that sitting at a desk for nine hours a day doesn't really help matters.
Anyway, I do love this chart, I just hope I can work on it a bit more in the up coming weeks. While writing this the floor stand that I finally gave in and ordered arrived so we've just constructed that, and I'm hoping it'll make stitching a bit easier at the moment, and also mean that I injure myself a little less regularly because I do ruin my neck and back quite regularly, I'm just lucky that other half can mend me just as regularly.!