Sunday, 29 January 2017

Slow and Steady...

 Just getting this progress update in before the end of the weekend, I don't even have an excuse for why it's taken me so long today, we had quite a quiet day, I've just been continually distracted by other things. I actually took the pictures before breakfast (although I am willing to admit that the breakfast was at lunch time), it's just taken me this long to get them on to the computer. The Beast continues, so much for having this section finished by the end of the month, but then I was always a little bit ambitious, so I'm not really surprised by that. 
The hat continues as well, true to form I've actually done more since I took this picture, but am to lazy to take another picture. By the time next week I might even have finished it... although I really can't have that as a might, it's a birthday present for someone, so if I don't get my arse into gear soon they're not going to get it on time. Not sure how much time I'll have next week, but I'm sure that I'll have something to show at least. This will be done, and hopefully I'll have some more stitching to show as well.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Beauty and the...

Beast... it's definitely the right description for this dress... it's an absolute beast. There was me thinking, week and a half, I'll get these pages finished no problems, suddenly I'm not quite as sure as I was. I am loving it though, still. and wish I could get a decent picture of my beautiful fabric. It went to craft group with me this week and both she and the fabric got lots on compliments, I just wish I could spend as much time as I wanted to on her, although hopefully I won't have a bad week this week, I'm just trying to balance my time between this and the two projects that I should be working on, which is what I'm heading back to next, happy crafting all.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

The Beast

Greetings from the dress that I once saw someone describe as 'The Beast', which s turns out is a pretty accurate description.
Having said that, I am absolutely loving working on this. I was hoping to finish the outline on the bottom two pages before I posted this week, but haven't quite hit it, but I'm pretty close, and I'm hoping to get there before I go to bed tomorrow! The best thing is, once I've finished the edge, there is only one colour left on these pages, so it's mindless stitching, best of both worlds, I have really enjoyed working on this, and then I get mindless stitching, and suddenly, I've finished the first two pages, *cough* apart from the back stitch *cough*.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

New Year Start... HAHA!

This week has not gone how I planned... I had time put aside Wednesday evening and Friday morning where I was going to stitch, then it turned out that what I really wanted to do with that time is work, so unfortunately my New Year New Start actually have about 20 stitches on it, and is massively dwarfed by my new crochet project... what could it be.
Happy New Year all, hope you had a good one!