Sunday, 30 September 2012

Pride and Prejudice is starting to take shape

I think so anyway, I'm starting to see what the different shapes are rather than it just being one big beige shmush! It's his hair and the top of his head, and I think a little bit of her head as well! Love it.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Clara (again)

Another week, another update on Clara. You much all be getting bored of her by now. I have to say that I'm not, but as I've worked on practically nothing else since I started working on her, I am actually putting her away for a while, to concentrate on other projects for a while.
I've done two full and three partial pages, and I've got two full and two partial pages left, so I'm a little over halfway through (especially as I've started working on one of the full pages already), which is rather exciting, I can see her coming together really quickly.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

My first Pride and Prejudice post

You may remember that I couple of weeks ago I posted about a lovely kit that I'd bought from the lovely Anna at Serentiy Designs, well here's my first progress pic. I'm loving working on it, it's a lovely easy stitch, the shading looks lovely and it seems to stitch up really quickly. I haven't spent much time on this and I seem to have managed a chunk of progress already, and that's including the fact that I'm an idiot and missed out a row of stitches then had to frog loads. I know it doesn't look like all that much just yet, but I can already see what's it is and what it's going to turn into, and that makes me happy! If you're not sure by the way, this is the top of Darcy's face and his hair!
Also, as I've admitted before, I'm really struggling to put Clara down for any period of time, so of course there's yet another update to show for her as well. I've not reached the far right side which is great, because it means that I know how big she's going to be, and I'm still completely in love with her.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

A plethora of updates

 As you can see, I've got many updates to show this week, it's been a surprisingly productibe stitchy week this week, I'm quite proud. Firstly Clara, and I've discovered her gravity defiant boobs. I do love Clara, and I'm absolutely loving working on her, but I really do need to put her down and work on something else at some point, I'll wait until I finish this page though, and maybe I'll just do the bottom partial page so I can see how big she's going to be... you can see where this thought process is going to end up can't you? Thus far I've managed to resist the HAED sale (apart from running a little competition on facebook and sending a chart), although I don't know how much longer I'm going to last.
Passione Ricamo Mystery SAL, the third page arrived today, so last weekend I decided that I ought to get my ass into gear and get some progress in on page to... I'm trying to never be more than one page behind, but I'm sure that it'll get worse as the year goes on. There's lots of filling in left to do on this page, although that dip in on the right side is the beginning of her wings (I was looking at the chart this morning), so I feel like I ought to get started on those.
And finally, a tiny little update on a much neglected project. This lives under my desk at work for cold or rainy lunch breaks when I don't want to go out, and, despite how miserable the weather's been this summer there haven't actually been many rainy lunch breaks, so it's just got absolutely no attention at all. I did manage to get a little done this week when the weather was pretty miserable, and she she's almost started to resemble a person instead of a sunburnt teddy bear I thought I'd put a little picture up and show what's happening with her.