Saturday, 28 July 2012

Another Little Update

There isn't much to show from this week. I didn't get much done in the evenings, but was intending to make up for that yesterday evening during the Opening Ceremony. Sadly I got completely distracted by the opening ceremony, so only got an hours worth of stitching done before I got distracted.
Lots of ladies on facebook have done Olympic starts, which I did debate over for a while, FoF was calling to me, but I decided instead to set myself an Olymplic target... I want to get this page finished and the black on the 2nd page of QS Clara, I might be being a bit optimistic about how much I can do, but I'm hoping to have quite a good stitching weekend this weekend, so you never know.

I also wanted to show you this... Ice Blue Winter by Zindy Nielsen, which I've been completely in love with since she was released... I mentioned on one of the stitching groups that I was debating with myself whether I could justify buying her while the sale was on, and half an hour later she was in my inbox because someone had sent her her me.
I've got a few of Zindy's, both her Snow Whites, and now this, and I just think she's completely gorgeous, even if she does have 24 skeins of black... but that means there's lots of nice sections of non-confetti so she should be quite a nice stitch!

Monday, 23 July 2012

July's International Hermit & Stitch

Hey guys, did everyone have a good International Hermit and Stitch. I did better than I thought I would but not as well as I would have liked, but isn't that always the case!
There's definite shape happening (I say it every week, I'm determined that it's improving). I can see castle, and archway, and, that green diagonal top right, is either the beginning of a outline of where teh tail's going to be, and the white stripe on the other side, will also be tail! I'm so excited!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Dum Dum Dum, Du Du Dum, Du Du Dum

Don't get the title? Look at the picture to the left and try it again!
He's finished, yay! It feels like ages since I've had a finish, so even a tiny one like this makes me happy! Had a rainy lunch at work yesterday, so I worked on him then, and was so close to finishing that I couldn't resist bringing him home to finish last night! No idea what I'm going to do with him now that he's finished though. 
Barely any progress on Dragon Rider though. In fact I did the red for the turrets, just so that I'd be able to see some progress for this week, although if you really squint at it (ie practically close your eyes), you can see it starting to take shape. The red gives you the turrets, and I can just about make out the shape of the door way on the castle, although that might be hopeful imagining. It's international hermit and stitch this weekend, so I'm hoping that I'm actually going to be able to make some progress that's visible this weekend.

And finally, this is the start that's going to replace Darth Vader, this was what I did at Harrogate Craftwork Group on Thursday, and it kinda looks like a slightly sunburnt sea lion with a beach ball at the moment, but I'm hopeful that that will soon change and actually start to look like something else, for instance a person. I'm an eternal optimist!
And finally finally, I'd like to introduce Kerry at Stitching Sister, who does some lovely stitching (and is also looking forward to retirement where she's hoping to massively up her stitching output), so please pop along and have a look at the pretties.

Monday, 16 July 2012

I'm a little late this week

I'm a bit late posting this week cos we were away over the weekend, visitng friends in Ireland, which also means that I haven't got much stitching done either. You can't really see much progress, and you really can't see what the next page is going to turn into yet. There will be the beginnning of his tail in the top right corner, and the wizard will be on this page in the bottom left corner, I think I can vaguely see the white space where he's going to be, but if I'm right then I think he might be a bit of a funny shape, but I trust to the charting, he'll appear.

Looking forward to the next meeting of Harrogate Craftwork Group this week, so I'm debating what to take with me. I've got Come to the Dark Side, but I think I'll finish that at work in teh next couple of days if the weather's anything to go by, and I've been taking QS Clara the last couple of months, but I could do with something a bit easier to work on, or at least a bit easier on the eyes, I'm thinking it might be the costumes of the world chart, which is quite cute, I'll have to see what threads I've got lying about.

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Here's my latest Chakra Fae update, I have an admission to make, I think I've been getting bored with her, that why there isn't much progress, every time I pick her up I just get really distracted, so I've decided to put her away for a while then come back to her before I completely lose my mojo. She is lovely, I don't know why I can't settle on her at the moment, but I figure a bit of a break will probably do the trick.
I also had a slight stitching crisis with her last weekend,  I decided to unpick a little bit of where the line was between the two pages, but I accidently cut a slight hole in my fabric. I think I've managed to mend it (honestly, if you think you can see where I did it, let me know, cos I'd much rather know), bur I think I've managed to cover it up in such a way that you can't see I did it. Fingers crossed anyway.
So, here's one of the things that I've been distracted by... and I can't believe how long this little patch of blue has taken me to stitch this week. Some of you may have noticed my tiny little post a couple of weeks ago that I posted about the Passione Ricamo Mystery SAL, which I signed up to, well this is the start of her. There will be a gold border round the top and left side of this, with many purple beads like bunches of grapes, but I think half the stitchers in the UK must have signed up for this because when I went to order the Treasure Braid from sewandso they were out of stock, so I've got it all on back order. I have got the pretty purple beads, but as I'm using Q-Snaps for this I want to leave all the beading until last, as I'm a bit scared of what the Q-Snap might do to the beads. Also, it's really weird stitching something and having absolutely no idea what it's going to look like when it's been finished. Because it's a mystery SAL there hasn't been a picture released of what the final design is.I'm assuming that little white bit that's missing Treasure Braid is going to be the start of her (? - I don't even know that for definite) wings.

Finally, one of the groups I'm on on facebook (HAED Addiction if you're interested) recently set up a list of email addresses so that if you wanted to RAK someone from the group you could go onto the list and find their email address so you could go on to the HAED site and find their wishlist, which was a lovely idea. Anyway, I put my name on this list not really thinking that anything would come of it, but one of the kindly ladies sent me this lovely Faces of Faery by Jasmine Beckett-Griffith. I absolutely love her (the kindly lady and the Ninja). It was the two Ninjas that converted me to JBG's designs so I'm loving this. But I think it'll be a while before I get her started. I'm thinking that she might be started when Clara's finished.Although I'm also thinking that, as she's a bit smaller I might try her on 18 count instead of 25... I figure that (after Clara, which I've already started on 25) when the designs are a bit smaller it might be worth doing them on the 18 count, for the sake of my eye sight. I'm fine with 25 count at the moment, but I'm also aware that the last time I went to the opticians (my glasses are like bottle bottoms they're so thick), she reeled off a list of things that could go wrong with my eyes, and that there wasn't really much I could do about it, other than go and see them as so as I spotted anything wrong... anyway, that was an unexpected moment of 'poor me', I'm honestly not, I figure that I'm fine and if it happens then it'll be resolved, so please don't think this was a pity plee, it's just part of, when I can work on bigger fabrics, I'd probably be doing my eyes a favour if I did.

It's the Wimbeldon Final tomorrow and there will be a definite split in our home. Ben will be supporting Murray because he's British and so you support the British player... I however think that Murray is a rat faced monkey boy (it's surprising how many tennis players I'm willing to describe as rat faced monkey boy), who is continually grumpy, and I'm quite a big fan of Federer, so that's who I'll be supporting. So, along with antagonising each other, I'm also planning on getting some stitching done. I went back to Dragon Rider last night, so I'll hopefully have a bit of progress to show next week, maybe the beginning of the tiny little wizard, or, there could even be a tiny showing of tail!

This is a very long and whittering post by my standards, I haven't written a properly whittering post in ages (the blog was originally called Random Ramblings of a Kim), so I'll stop now, go and do some exercise (once I can get Ben off the Wii for long enough to get him to hand it over, to let me do some toning along with my run earlier), then have dinner and have a stitchy evening.