Friday, 30 May 2014

Why is this page taking so long?

Okay, so I actually know the answer to that question. It's because I keep not picking it up to work on. It's definitely time for me to move on to something else because I'm definitely getting fidgety on it. However I do nearly have a page finish (finally), so I might as well finish the page now. Plus today I can suddenly see the shape and scale of the page rather than a random shmush of pixels, so at least it's coming together, despite all my procrastinating and moaning!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

No page finish this week

Here's the latest update, although as the title suggests, I'm rather disappointed to have not managed another page finish this week, although this page is still pottering along nicely... if I get my head down I might manage to have a page finish by this time next week... stranger things have certainly happened. I'm loving how much lighter this page is coming out. Part of the reason I fell in love with this chart was the lovely blues, so it's nice to see those coming through.
I have found my attention waining slightly this week, so once this page is finished it'll be on to something else. I have four new starts screaming at me (1 christening present, 1 wedding present and two that I'm just in love with) plus many existing projects begging for attention, so who knows what I'll actually work on once I've finished this. I'm terrible with my stitching, a love all my projects but if I work on one for too long I lose interest and find myself stitching less and less, that's the main reason that I have so many projects on the go, when I lose interest in one I just move on to another one, it keeps be constantly interested in my stitching, whereas when I only worked on one or two projects I found I could go ages without stitching at all!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Another page finish already...

A girl could get used to all these pages finishes, but eventually I'll run out of partial pages to work on, so I'll just have to enjoy the run I'm on while it's happening.
Here we have page two of Promise to Heart by Takaki from Tilton Crafts, It's not been particularly confetti thus far, apart from a little flurry on the far right, so it's stitched up quite quickly.
One more partial page to go then this is going to go away for a while, so I'd better enjoy it while I can I guess.
Happy stitching all!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Page finish and new start

 Miracles happen, I managed to finish my page on Dragon Rider, I do love him. The motorbike is officially here, which I'm loving, it's probably sad just how happy the arrival of the motorbike makes me. There's one little stitch in the silver rim on the wheel that's bugging me slightly, I think when I do the next page I'm going to end up unstitching it and putting it back in a darker colour, but I'm very happy with it all the same.
Secondly I have my new start. By popular demand I present Promise to the Heart from Tilton crafts, art work by Takaki. This is technically a page finsih, although it was the worlds smallest page. The colours on this are beautiful, although I admit that it doesn't show much on this page.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

I managed to show some progress...

But only by cheating a little bit... It's only because I managed a couple of hours last night that I actually have any progress to show. But because I'm coming to the end of the page and filling in all the little gaps it doesn't take much stitching to make it look like I've actually achieved something. I love this stage on a page.
I seem to follow a bit of a pattern at the moment. Week of really good progress, week of really rubbish progress. There's a page finish in sight though, I'm definitely going to finish it last week (famous last words), and I've promised myself a new start when I've finished this page. I was certain what I was going to start, but now a couple of others are begging for attention.
My original plan was to start Promise to Heart from Tilton, which is is the side bar and I'm still very tempted, but Rendezvous by Aimee Stewart is also begging me to start it (also in side bar), as is World Bookshelf also by Aimee Stewart. And if the large version of Fantastic Voyage is released while the sale is on then I'm officially doomed! Happy stitching all!