Saturday, 30 January 2016

I will be a better blogger

 I'm determined to be a better blogger this year than I was towards the end of last year, both here and on harrogate craftwork group, and so far I'm managing it, although I admit that it is still early in the year. Here's my crochet blanket, it's definitely growing, I've done quite a chunk since last week so I'm quite proud of that. This is intended as a gift so I'm working hard.
Secondly Dragon Rider is slowing growing, although slowly is the operative phrase. I'm on holiday the last week in February, and I'm determined to be working on A Stitch in Time that week, which means that I've got three weeks to finish this page, and also the page that I was working on Heroes and Heroines. I suspect that I'm being a little optimistic, I usually am, but it's always fun to have something to aim for. This is a bit of a boring page if I'm honest, which isn't really helping. It's all green and brown, and there isn't really anything happening in it.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Needle and hook

I hoped to get loads of stitching done this week, and I've managed precisely none. However, I'm hoping to finally get needle and thread out this week, house stuff does keep getting in the way though. In the mean time I have managed a few more rows on the blanket, although I'm aware that it doesn't make for the most exciting photo updates.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Welcome to 2016

So I started 2016 well, after saying that I was going to be a better blogger than I have been recently in 2016 this is then my first post of the year, Bad blogger! Bad Kim! Anyway, I have an excuse, we moved house last weekend, so we've been a bit busy, and the new house is in utter chaos, but after such a stitching drought I've been able to get my stitching out again in the last couple of days, and my ripple blanket is finally back out as well. I'm back on to this one having not worked on it in some time, this is now my priority crochet please as this is the next deadline that I have. But that deadline is May, so I think I should be fine for a while yet. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed working on it, it's been quite relaxing sat under a blanket working on this this afternoon. I have ridiculously ambitious crochet plans for this year, I've never really been one for starting off small. I have this and my neon blanket to finish, both as gifts, planning for my graphgan, plus my beautiful wool that I need to choose a pattern for, and as we've just moved I'm debating something for the colour scheme in our new living room as well, well, who needs sleep :-) 
And ten this beauty has finally made it out as well. Dragon Rider, my priority piece (haha) finally gets a bit of attention, and again, I've rather enjoyed working on it, it's stitched up faster than I thought it would, although I now find myself getting a little frustrated by my projects that are full crosses, it just seems so slow compared to tent. Everything that I start new is now tented, but everything that I started in full crosses I will finish off that way (of course).
Talking of everything I start, oh dear, A Stitch in Time was planned as a new start for me this year, and it still is, as was Harley Quinn, which will also happen. But, I'm sure many of you have seen over the last few days we've suffered the deaths of two of my earliest crushes, David Bowie and Alan Rickman, (although having re-watched the Three Amigos this week, I've remembered that he was my other earliest crush, judging by which he probably needs to look after himself over the next couple of weeks, but I digress...) I loved David Bowie in Labyrinth (still one of my favourite films ever) and was lucky enough to meet him many years ago, although so many years ago that I was quite young, maybe six or seven, possibly even slightly younger, and so unfortunately have very little memory of it, but I do remember that he held a door open and bowed to me, and was apparently (according to my mum anyway) quite charming to me, which makes me happy, I'd be heart broken to hear that he was any other way. And I have loved Alan Rickman in everything that I've ever seen him, yes her often plays a villain and someone a bit slimey and creepy, but I didn't love him any less, be he Obidiah Slope in Barchester Chronicles, to Jamie in Truly Madly Deeply, his fantastic turn as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood and arguably his most famous role of Snape in Harry Potter. Anyway, as a lot of stitchers are also absolute geeks (as I'm sure many of you know) there has been talk of beautiful charts in commemoration of both. Daniel Kordek who is licensed to Tilton Crafts has released a lovely image of Jareth and Sarah and has been charted, it can be found here. There is also talk of a Snape chart being released as well. And Aimee Stewart is working on a Labyrinth inspired piece that will go to HAED when it's completed, so that is a possible three more new starts that weren't planned, as I would like to do something (possibly two) to both of them.

Anyway, this is a lot more rambly then my usual posts, as I've actually written and not just put up pictures.
Happy stitching all!