Sunday, 5 July 2015

I'm so slow!

I am loving working on this, but progress has been a bit slow this week, as I've been concentrating on other things, but you can kinda see the stairs taking shape.

And this is what's distracting me. You've seen some of the progress pictures on the bodice, here's my first shot of the skirt to go with it. It was laughably large at this point (ie I could fit a friend into the waistband with me - we tested, and it was dragging on the floor, I'm short but I'm not that short) but I have now elasticated the waitsband so it's all rouched and I've started taking it up so it's now ankle length, but I'll be honest, I don't have the energy to try and take a decent shot tonight, and hopefully it means that I'll have something to show next week. All my time is going on this right now because I've suddenly realised that I've only got two weeks left to finish it, so my stitching has fallen by the wayside a bit, and it turns out that I really miss my stitching. But, the sooner this is done, the sooner I can get back to it, and I wil be really proud of myself if this turns out even vaguely recognisable. And as it's all hand sewn (I really must get a sewing machine) I'll also be really proud of myself if it holds together for the entire day.
And I've already got an idea what my next costume should be, and this time I might be able to convince Ben to join in. He was debating this time, but I think I've lost :-(


Heather said...

Your stitching looks good. I'm right there with you I need a machine too. I use the back stitch on my hand sewing it seems to hold up much better than other stitches I've tried.

Kate said...

Looks wonderful, and a sewing machine will save a huge amount of time :)

Bea said...

I think your costume looks terrific - and a sewing machine would definitely speed things up.

Justine said...

Love your Heroes stitch - Scarlet and Rhett will soon be putting in an appearance! You really need a sewing machine for those loooooong seams!