Monday, 3 May 2010

Bank holiday Monday - woo!

Another update, and still all my fingers are intact, so it's all good.
I was pretty productive yesterday, and she's looking really good now, even if I do say so myself. Making real progress and if I really get my head down, I could probably get this finished before we go on holiday in June, four weeks? I think that's about do-able.
It also means that I've achieved one of my targets for this weekend which is good, not convinced that I'm going to achieve my second target of getting first page of Winter's Majesty complete, but I'll give it a shot, although I'm thinking that, aslong as the rain holds off (it was lovely when I got up, now it's going grey) I might go into town and do a little shopping first.
Talking of targets, I typed up the writing I did Saturday night yesterday, the principal of the writing was sound, the writing itself is going to need some serious work in the light of day, for instance in one paragraph I killed her mother twice, which strikes me as a little harsh!
Anyway, off I go to get some exercise then some breakfast (got to make up for what was a rather stationery day yesterday somehow), then check teh weather to see if I'm going to chance a walk out before settling to another day of stitching. Hope everyone who's got one is having a lovely bank holiday monday.
And it finish on a random note, last night I dreamt I twisted my ankle (train tunnel a la Railway Children), when I woke up this morning it took me a few minutes to realise that I was limping, I wasn't in pain, I was simply limping because my brain remembered me twisting it - how odd!

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