Monday, 21 May 2018

A little more

I didn't get quite as much as I meant to done this week, I was hoping to have these two partial pages finished, but as per usual I have too many hobbies and therefore don't spend enough time on any of them. I had a full stitching day planned on Saturday, and I did get some done, but I got distracted by some colouring, which I haven't done in ages (wow I'm out of practice), and managed to get a little bit of writing done as well, which means this has not had the attention that I intended, but at least you can definitely see the difference between this weeks picture and last weeks. Not enough to be able to tell you what it is, but the needle minder is a pretty hefty clue on this occasion. And hopefully my free time will increase in the next few weeks, as this is my last five day week at work. So excited (and a little bit scared!)

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The Crafty Princess said...

I hear you about getting distracted. I can have a whole day of stitching planned and on little thing can derail all my stitching plans. I still don't know what it is though! I'm very intrigued.
xo Alicia