Sunday, 15 November 2015

Hello blanket

I realised that it was a long time since I updated on my blanket, although it's also a while since I've had much time to work on it. However I've had the time to get back to it again and am loving it. I did all of the light green, finished the pink and started the dark green yesterday, so all in all it went well. 
And secondly, Heroes and Heroines appears as my HAED challenge on the Supersized page, I haven't managed much, but I have managed my 400 stitches, in fact I think this is about 800 (although once again I feel like 800 should look like more).


Bea said...

Love the colours in your blanket!

That's why we all take pictures I think - it never seems to be enough.

Heather said...

I always feel like that lol. I think that's another reason I like confetti. After 400 stitches of confetti it spreads out a lot more! They both look really good!