Thursday, 24 April 2014

To make up for last week

Firstly, a bit of up update on Dwarven Leader by Jankolas by Paine Free Crafts. I actually managed a fair bit more than I normally do, but you can't see much difference because I'm trying to work on the cream. I'm not very good at working on background, so I'm trying to be good and stay on that for a while. 
Secondly, after my embarrassingly small update last week I have a decent amount of progress to show on Dragon Rider due to having some time off this week. I'm quite excited by how much this page has come together this week. The tyre is starting to look like a tyre rather than a random black shape, and the ground is actually looking grassy rather than just shmush like. Hopefully another week or so will see this page finished. Unfortunately I do usually underestimate how long my stitching is going to take, so it may be a tad longer than a week.


Annie said...

Great progress on both, especially Dragon Rider!

sharine said...

Both are looking great. So nice when things start coming together:)

Linda said...

Awesome progress on both pieces.


Justine said...

Fabulous progress! I love how you have shared the "finished" pieces down the side of your blog so we can see which bits you are stitching. Dwarven Leader is so striking. You have some beautiful pieces to stitch!

Pull the other thread said...

They both look wonderful. Well done.

The Crafty Princess said...

It takes as long as it takes, don't worry about it. We will be here patiently waiting. They both look great. You're right the grass is definitely looking more grassy.
Beautiful stitching.
xo Alicia