Friday, 11 April 2014

New... page

Admit it, you thought that title was going to say new start... I'm not saying that it won't happen soon (in fact I know full well that it will) but for once I'm just starting a new page rather than a new project. I haven't actually achieved much, no where near as much as I wanted to but, because it's a new page it looks like I did something.
And, I've very excited to introduce the motorbike. It's sad just how happy it makes me that the motorbike has appeared... last column and last couple of pages I had dragon, and now I have motorbike, woohoo! In case you're not sure by the way, that black half moon at the top of the page is the beginning of a tyre!


Amber said...

Looking great!

sharine said...

He is looking awesome!

Linda said...

You made great progress. He looks great.


The Crafty Princess said...

LOL You crack me up. Sometimes a new page does feel like a new start. Especially when the previous page seemed to take forever which you have mentioned it kind of felt like with this wip. Woo hoo on reaching the bike. It may be a small milestone in the scheme of things but it's a milestone nevertheless! You go stunner!!
Alicia xo

Monique said...

The detail on this is amazing. We all get our enjoyments out of our stitching in our own ways:-)