Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Wonderful Blogs

I want to thank the lovely Tazzy from Bouncing Bellies and Flashing Fingers (best name ever) for sending the Leibster in my direction.
I'm going to cheat slightly this time, as I've already sent a few nominations flying around, and this time I'm just going to point you in the direction of some of my favourite blogs.
A Fairy Princess and Dreams who does some beautiful stitching!
A Riot Patch of Pixels because she does some fabulously geeky stitching
Ambitious Stitching whose blog I've only recently started following, but so pretty!
Ana ~ Stitch who has fabulous taste
Bla. Bla? Bla! who is a lovely blogger, always leaves lovely comments and does beautiful stitching
Confessions of a Make Up Addict who reviews many lovely things, as it happens she's also a stitcher, but she doesn't blog about it.
Made by Ella I went to school and college with Ella, she's an incredibly creative person and makes many beautiful things!
Fairies, Dragons and Mermaids... Oh My a shared blog with many gorgeous fantasy stitches on.
Gizzimomo's Stitchy Place Dorothea does gorgeous stitching and always gets loads done, she's magic!
Diary of a Manbroiderer another super fast stitcher with fabulous taste, he always stitches things that I love.
Our Friends' HAED SAL If you're a fan of HAED then you probably already know about this one, in fact you're probably a poster, I am!
Stitchandie Mirabilia and Chatelaine, so gorgeous!
Wee Little Stitches properly geeky charts, they're great
Random Ramblings founder member of International Hermit and Stitch weekend who does so much lovely stitching!

And 5 (more random facts)
1. I'm an absolute chocaholic
2. I'm getting more and more drawn to chatelaine, I'm gonna have to stitch the Chinese, Japanese and probably Fairy Tale Castle at some point
3. I think Derren Brown is a fascinating but scary man
4. I'm completely obsessed with Pocket Dragons and don't even want to consider what my collection is worth
5. I really want to see Adam Hills live


Fiona said...

awww I love pocket dragons too but I only have one...

SoCal Debbie said...

Thanks for the links to more great blogs to visit!

What's a Pocket Dragon? and who are Derren Brown and Adam Hills?

Joysze said...

Thanks for the mention, Kim.


Stitching Noni said...

Do you mean Gordon Street Adam Hills? You & me both in regards to Chatelaines! Pocket dragons are sooo cute!