Saturday, 24 September 2016

A harmonious dragon

So, I do feel like I actually have something to show this week, how often does that happen? First off, here is Harmony from Attic 24, I've finished my first set of 9 squares, and started my second set, although I'm willing to accept that my second set looks more circular than square at the moment. Hopefully they'll square out a bit.
As you can see from my first set of squares, I'm willing to accept that they're not perfect, although the bottom left one is not so much smaller as it looks in that picture, I have some weird photography skills apparently, but once they're all joined together in a pretty blanket I'm sure they'll be a bit squarer.
My plan with this is to make it to the size that Lucy recommends first (single bed) but then I may add more to make it bigger. I bought this kit at Yarndale last year, and I'm back off to Yarndale this weekend, and I have spending money, who knows that I'll come back with this year, I still haven't ruled out a spinning wheel.

And in other news, look, stitching, and look who has come out to play. Yay!
I know, it's not much, but it's stitching, and I'm so glad to be stitching again. I have discovered my perfect Wednesday evening. Bake Off and stitching (for those in the UK, how upset are we about Bake Off on a scale of one to ten? I'm heart broken, it won't be the same, I'm hoping that the BBC will just create Strictly Come Baking and just carry it on with the stars that it looks like they're keeping. Okay, carrying on for the non-Brits). I do love Dragon Rider, and he is my focus piece, and so lovely at that, also the one that I'm furthest along with in all my projects, having said that, considering that I'm meant to work on this every third project, I'm ashamed to say that I haven't touched Dragon Rider since February, I hadn't realised that it had been so long, I'm quite ashamed of myself. My rotation has obviously failed me completely (again!). I've just looked back, I have cheated, there have been four other projects between this page and the last (bad Kim!) so that partially explains why it's been so long. Anyway, he's back out, I'm excited to see Dragon, and also much more motorbike on this page so generally squeeeee
Right, I'm off to break my credit card at Yarndale, have a fun weekend my dears. Yarn porn almost certainly to follow. (Occasionally I like to add inappropriate words to my blog, I find the idea of someone searching porn and stumbling across this blog strangely amusing. Especially as this is turning into a ridiculously convoluted story in my head where they discover an unknown passion and skill with need and thread or hook and yarn!)


Linda said...

Nice progress on both mu favorite dragon and I love the colors in the blanket.


rosey175 said...

Well, crocheters are called hookers --they star in yarn porn! :D

Glad to see Mr Rider back out; I love watching this guy grow.

Bea said...

You're coming along nicely with the blanket - is this set of squares going to darker than the first set?

Nice to see Dragon Rider out again, poor neglected being. Good thing he doesn't have a face yet, he might breathe fire in your direction.

Have fun at Yarndale! Can't wait to see what catches your eye.

Neilteil said...

Beautiful yarn colours :)

Pull the other thread said...

Great progress on both your blanket and Dragon rider, great to see him out again. Have fun at Yarndale, try not to break the bank if you can :D

Heather said...

Beautiful progress lol love the porn idea ;)