Saturday, 1 October 2016

This and that

I've done a bit of everything this week, which means I have lots of little bits of progress to show, rather than one impressive 'look what I did'. Also my secret project is taking up quite a bit of time at the moment and I can't really show that off until it's done and gifted.
Firstly my Harmony blanket continues, second set of colours added to my second set of squares, slow and steady and all that. 
Secondly, I suddenly realised that one of our friends is due to have a small person soon, and as such I needed to decide what I was going to make for this, and this is what I've decided on, a small cream circle! I hasten to add that this is in no way finished. I've used this as an excuse to pull out a book that I've had for well over a year and have been looking for an excuse to use, and as I'm loving this one thus far I'm sure I'l be finding many other excuses in the future. The book is Crocheted Animal Hats, and it's great

And finally, while I'm not getting much time on my stitching at the moment I am loving what little time I am getting, especially as this is a page with quite a lot going on, you can definitely see the dragons tail taking shape, and there's a tiny patch of motorbike done as well now. It's slow, but it's happening.

And finally finally, I think I mentioned last week that I was going to Yarndale, well, I can't resist showing off my stash enhancement, I had a fabulous weekend!
In this picture, yarny goodness. The three solid colours are the softest yarn I have ever felt, it's  amazing, and I intend to make a blanket out of them (along with many more skeins). The pack of six I intend to have a go at this dragon scale gloves that are going round, and the big one it to take a show at a virus shawl to go round my shoulders for the wedding. Wish me lock on all of those.
In this picture are sillies, car stickers (stops suddenly for yarn shops and no yarn in kept in this vehicle over night), a mammoth pattern and yarn (how cute is the mammoth), a big wodge of batting for spinning and some stitch markers. I did manage to resist a spinning wheel, but I got batting knowing that I'll give in one day, I'm going to book onto a class somewhere to give it a go first, and then I'll buy one :-) 
And here's the 'practical' stuff. Two books of patterns, the blanket book is amazing, and so colourful, Edward's Menagerie is always ridiculously cute, I really didn't mean to buy this, but they were a lot cuter than I expected, and the girl offered me a deal on this and the stuff for the mammoth pattern.
There's a hook keeper, it hasn't come out very well on the picture, but the fabric is brilliant, those balls of wool are all actually sheep.
Oh, and a home dying kit, I'm a little ambitions about that. And a sill card that I bought for my other half promising him a pair of socks, one at a time, I gave him the first one last Christmas.
And now I'll finish with some other pictures from the weekend.


Bea said...

Well done on your progress! Love your new stash and after looking at your pictures of Yarndale, congratulations on your restraint. How did you come home with just that?

Pull the other thread said...

Fantastic progress on your projects. You lucky thing, all that stash looks wonderful!

rosey175 said...

I am so jealous of Yarndale exploration! Those covered posts are fantastic; was there an overall theme or just "make a thing for a post"? I'm not really sure you shopped enough but that 6-pack will make glorious dragon gloves.

The Crafty Princess said...

Wow some people are just wickedly talented. I include you in this Kim. Great pics of some amazing work. Congrats on your progress too.
xo Alicia

Heather said...

You got some great stuff! I'll be interested in seeing your dyeing :)