Saturday, 17 January 2015

Second New Start of the Year

I know, I said there weren't to be any new starts this year, and I'm already on my second, I'm so weak! In my defence this is intended as a gift, and I said that gifts were allowed, it's also something that I can show progress on relatively easily while not being able to post on my secret stitch.
Don't they look find creepy without their eyes stitched, a little like Village of the Damned.
For people who like to have information this is Brave by Cloudsfactory, stitched two over two in 28 count something (I can never remember what type of fabric I'm using and can't tell them apart half the time), but it's called Silver Lining and is from polstitches.


Linda said...

Nice start. I love stitching this pixel people.


Pull the other thread said...

So cute. Well done on your start.

Bea said...

Enjoy your new start. We all know some resolutions are just meant to be broken.

Miamina said...

Great start! I love the fabric too :)