Monday, 12 April 2010

Winter's Majesty and an aborted weekend of stitching

Ben was on a stag weekend this weekend, so I had a weekend of stitching and generally just chilling out, and this is what happened, to begin with. The page of Winter's Majesty that I'm on at the moment is lots of confetti, so it's very slow going, and it got slower when I tried to chop my finger off.
Saturday evening I thought that I'd make a nice sweet potato tortilla, cos I'd found this nice looking recipe, then when cutting the potato, I thought it would be fun to try and remove the end of my finger as well. Two hours later I'm still bleeding, two and a half hours later Ben's mother is patching my finger back together, it only stopped bleeding this morning, so as you can imagine, this did put a bit of a dampener on my stitching time, due to the fact that I had no desire to bleed on anything that I'd already spent 15 - 20 hours on, because that would probably have annoyed me, just a little bit! But, having said all that, I did get quite a lot done on Saturday before the incident with the blood, and there's quite a difference between this and the last update I put up, if you squint you can almost make out little white flowers (a little clearer in real life if I'm honest).  This is an incredibly fiddly page with lots of confetti, far to many half stitches and a couple of funky cottons that look lovely, but are a real pain to stitch with, and I am getting a little frustrated with it now, because it's not growing as fast as I think that it should. Having said that I'm persevering (that word looks wrong) because it will look very nice when it's finished, just as long as I havent already thrown it across the room.

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Topcho said...

Hi! I just saw the comment you left me, so - TUSAL stands for Totally Useless Stitch-a-long :)
And I want to add (so that this comment doesn't look totally misplaced ^^") - very impressive work! :0 And I hope that your finger heals fast ^_^