Saturday, 28 August 2010

Heaven and Earth

Why? Why would Heaven and Earth Designs have a sale when it's payday on Tuesday? I cannot justify another kit at the moment, but there are so many beautiful charts... I've got 230 charts on my wish list for goodness sake, 62 of those are Love to Have or Must Have, 21 of them are in my must haves, so I really need to get stitching (and buying for that matter). And I can't decide which one I want the most, I've always loved Bubbles by Selena Fenech (I've even got a pair of earrings with the design on, and it's my profile picture), and I love the colours on Dancer by Meredith DIllman, ditto Dragon Fae 2 by Selena Fenech and I've just completely fallen in love with Alice in Wonderland by Meredith Dillman (you can see a theme here, Meredith and Selena). I think that when I get paid I may end up caving and getting one of them, probably Alice, if I can just over ride that sense of not being able to justify it.
Ahh well, I've got a couple of weekends of stitching coming up, Ben's away hill walking with friends next weekend and away on a course the weekend after so lots of stitching time. I'm planning to get the birth sampler finished, then the woman's back that I'm doing for Ben's clinic, I reckon that's possible in two weekends, then that'll free up a frame for a new challenge, and as I posted a couple of weeks ago, all that's left then is to make the decision of which one it's going to be... hmmm, ponder ponder!
Oh yeah, and I have to build furniture this weekend, Ben took me to IKEA in the week to buy a new wardrobe and bookcase, and I need to do some baking because I moved to a new office a week ago and the girls are complaining that I haven't baked them anything nice since moving into my new desk, how exciting is my life?
Wish me luck!

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