Sunday, 12 September 2010

Tenderness - Another finsih - YAY!

My second cross stitch finish in as many weeks! I'm very proud, and I really enjoyed stitching this one! It's been a lovely piece to watch grow as I was working on it, which I have been doing, on and off for a year. My other half is a chiropractor, so I decided to do this to put up his clinic when it was finsihed. I originally meant it to be a surprise, right up until he caught me one evening, so I gave up on that, but I've still been working on it to go up in the clinic. I was aiming to get it done to go with their new brochure, which is going to have a similar image on the front, but that's be delayed now, so I'll just frame it up when I get a chance.
I do recommend Vervaco kits though, especially the sepia ones, they do look lovely and they're good fun and quite simple to stitch.

Now, I've had a productive weekend, getting this finished, now to get In Love put back on the frame, which I took off to work on the birth sampler, and to put a new one of the frame, Little Snap Dragon I think. This is what happens when Ben goes away for the weekend, I suddenly get loads of stitching done.


Kttycat said...

She looks awesome! Cool idea to hang it up at his office.

Topcho said...

It's a beautiful finish!

Aussie Stitcher said...

She is gorgeous and will look wonderful in your DH's practice.