Saturday, 27 November 2010

In Love & Snow!

It's Saturday morning, Ben's at work, it must be time for me to update here!
Another weeks progress on In Love is here, and it's actually starting to look like something, it's about time it does have to be said! It's another Vervaco and I am rather enjoying it because it's a really easy stitch but, because about 80% of it is scenery and background, it's spent a lot of time not looking like very much, but you can just see my people starting to emerge in the middle now.
In many ways I'm a bit odd when it comes to stitching like this, because there is part of me that likes to stitch round the edge first, then concentrate on the picture in the centre, especially if, like this, there's a lot of background and scenery around the central focus point. I think the thing is, I like to see that central picture growing, and lets be honest, most of us find the background a bit boring, so I find, if (using this one as an example) I'd stitched the people first I'd have completed the focal point then got really board stitching the back ground around it, it looks finished and you're just adding extra bits round the edge, (although you know that it'll look better when the background's done). My way, it's not finished and could never be judged as finished until I've finished that central point. I know it's all a bit odd, but there is method in my madness starting on the edge and working in. I think I'm going to do it when I start my HAED projects as well, do the 'border' pages first then work in.
I think with this project, if I really worked on it in the next few weeks I could get it finished by the end of the year, quite comfortably, but only at the loss of my other projects, and as I don't even have a date for the deadline for this yet (gonna be at least another two years - they haven't gone to Australia for the ashes/honeymoon this year, so it's going to be a two year wait now, I think) then there's no point hurrying for the sake of it.
And as to the other part of my title, snow! Those of you in the UK will have seen the news (and probably the snow as well) and if you've seen the news you'll know that everyone in Yorkshire is six feet under snow, except, apparently us. The entire North East has apparently been under snow for the last couple of days according to the news, but I was starting to believe that Harrogate wasn't in Yorkshire as I'd previously been lead to believe, because we didn't have any. But, I woke up this morning to a beautiful snowy view out of our living room window, so I'm quite childishly excited about it.
Hmmm, just seen Nigella cooking lemon polenta cake and it looks good, now there's tempting!


Joysze said...

That's a good way of dealing with stitching boredom Kim. I like to start at the hardest area, then work my way outwards. I find that with that part of it out of the way, everything is smooth sailing to the end.

I'm glad you got some snow!!! Enjoy it.

Yvon (jioya) said...

That Lemon Polenta cake did look good,it's a shame that you can't smell it.
I think your right about saving the part in the middle to the last, i'm stitching Woodland Guardian at this moment and i'm going to do the border first i must admit it's also got the do with all the confetti in the middle part.
Happy stitching,
p.s. we've got some snow in the Netherlands to today,but not as much as in the UK.