Friday, 22 November 2013

A rare update

Firstly the obligatory scarf update. One finished, which will be for my grandfather for my Grandad for Christmas, and secondly, I've finally started on the scarf that's intended for me. The wool on mine hasn't come out quite as pretty on the photo as it does in real life, and unfortunately I can't photograph just how soft and cosy if feel!
Secondly, and update of Dragon Rider, it doesn't look like much progress at the moment... I'm at that funny middle phase where progress just seems really slow. At the beginning it looks like you've done loads because you're just working on a big empty page, then at the end it looks like it goes quickly because all the white bits are eroding, but in the middle you get the slog (least ways I do), where you almost have to explain what you've been working on this week. It's that blue bit at the bottom by the way. But progress is progress, and it has been hindered a little by the next project. 
I can't remember when I last worked on this, but it's got to be at least six months, probably a fare bit longer. I took this to craft group with me on Thursday because I wanted something a bit littler to take with me, and found that I was rather enjoying it, so I' thought I'd keep it out until I finish the next person, who is progressing rather nicely!


Linda said...

Awesome progress on everything. I love Dragon Rider.


sharine said...

Your knitting looks lovely. I here you on the stitching. Great progress:)

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitching and knitting.

The Crafty Princess said...

All looking great and yes my friend progress is progress and you are doing that! I love the Soda stitch charts. I'm looking forward to starting one myself. They look so cute.
Alicia xo